Shanghai Longfeng need not be the pursuit of skills from common sense

really is a web site traffic is by the site overall included plus good rankings plus a good click composition, enhance keyword ranking is undoubtedly can obtain ranking. But this is a most difficult, of course, enhance the overall website is not easy, you need to plan the site in the early stage, from the layout of the structure, link strategy etc.. In fact, the third factor is the most neglected, that is the site, few people pay attention to this point. In fact, this is the most likely to improve, perhaps you implanted in the title of a temptation a word in the description to write a bit more clearly, the user is likely to click on your results.

now than four years ago when we learn Shanghai dragon so hard at that time, when we go to Shanghai dragon training is text teaching, even have no voice. After you sign up for a VIP account directly to you, and then you look at the inside of the article, only a few of the video, the rest is a teacher in a QQ group to spend two times about the Shanghai dragon, and then answer some questions, but also through the QQ group. Like what you learn today Shanghai dragon when the conditions are so good, video, voice, YY of these advanced tools, several years ago to find some free video tutorials are very few, now you can go online to search for Shanghai dragon tutorials, can easily find some free tutorials complete, it is because such an era of information explosion, too much knowledge but we do not know what good is knowledge.

a lot of people will be in the process of learning in the Shanghai dragon encounter such a situation, the teacher for fear of some of the key technical loss, not to tell you the principle behind. You should just tell this operation, and the skill level of what failure is quite fast, because the search engine is in progress, the Google algorithm adjusted annually up to 500 times, the skill level of the things you use today, tomorrow is not, this is not for a long time. So we all need to understand their own thinking, others tell you so, you need to think about why to do so, the search engine is how to consider, such as a click on the influence ranking.

is such a background, a lot of people like the Shanghai dragon tried xixingdafa like, I see a lot of self-taught friends here learn learned and accumulated knowledge. But people like them too pursuit of technical skills, and ignored the most basic things, so many people are now. If you need a website by Shanghai dragon to improve site traffic, you should start from what aspects, many friends will certainly raise the website keywords ranking. In fact, this is just one way to improve website traffic in it, the reason why many people are likely to encounter a problem here too, because their eyes always only stay in the rankings this point.



why, what is the basic logic.