Experience a new network marketing Shanghai Dragon

blog platform included fast, can add anchor text also so a few, some blogs with links and anchor text, just delete your article. Learned that, to use in practice has not work, only to try, mining. But I have seen loose brother wrote "the anchor text of Shanghai Longfeng effect will be more low" in the article, I also do not consider this blog site

share our website has now launched a key share function, the person of the company every day to share a few pages, there are special maintenance micro-blog, also don’t know whether it has effect. We do a transparent electric meter box, the >

we are done, just after the website has been built, the boss suddenly changed to a place, the pages into dynamic pages, contact the station Party into a static page to another site. The result has been that, not on our website optimization will have much impact, can not consider

We all know the importance of

said earlier in the forum signature, the hair of the chain, this way does not work. But some forum, you send a video, domain can find the link, do not know to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform can be found or not. Now to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform claim site, check the chain data and domain data are now and there is a difference of

Links Links, used to go to the Links exchange platform for a day, then change to a blow, my enthusiasm has not directly, how to do Links.

1, three, 2 page layout tag syntax type E 3, the target word density 4, determine the preferred domain URL standard 5, nofollow tag 6, position navigation (breadcrumb navigation station) 7, directional anchor text 8, 9, 10, 404 page navigation Robots.txt11, Sitemap [12], site map the weight of the station, 13 page strategy 14, website content 15, the construction of the chain

now is a headache for the construction of the chain, we are in the station every day to keep update, say it is not afraid of people joke. Every update only 2 original article, which also included some pseudo original, the overall rate of 85%, do not know how to see the data, colleagues, several ways to do now? The analysis of hair chain:

B2B this is the platform we do most of the industrial products, the effect is the best,

released in various words and words long tail products

know, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai Encyclopedia of like products, the overall feeling more difficult in Shanghai things more and love. In Sina Search ask, ask, Sina share, have certain effect, but also occasionally do.

October entry of new units, began to do network marketing work, because the company had done their own a website. We took over, began to find site revision, the Company re building the site for space.

to do in the station optimization, according to the following steps: honest