How to prevent exchange chain cheated

sometimes do black hat webmaster with a false page exchange with you, you see the page is A, the weight is relatively high; but the other was used as like as two peas B page exchange with you, the weight of the page are not as good as A. So webmaster in exchange before the general use Webmaster Tools simulation spiders crawl, then grab the result code, if there is a chain code.

page link

four, whether the other use of the framework

The position of ?

six, and

, the other site with

some Adsense exchange with you link, not home exchange, but in a specialized exchange chain page. You should be aware of, look at this page exchange chain page tell you whether the exchange links are almost the same, if you link on the page, and you put his link on the home page, then you have to think clearly.

seven, cross exchange

if the other sites are nofollow, no matter how high the weight of the website and other PR, everything is empty. Because the other site in front of your link with a nofollow, just tell the search engines don’t put the weight and PR passed to your website, this kind of practice is very shameless, but the webmaster can see through careful code, generally as follows:

website Links source code above the frame structure well, generally occur at the code:

two, the chain of friends

five, the presence of the nofollow

link Three, whether the JS

, when the station is also to be vigilant.


whether it is to find a friend chain or someone asks you to swap are not anxious to give each other a link up immediately, must carefully analyze each site, such as the website of the other side and whether your website content is related to the snapshot, and the PR value is not much difference in weight. And the speed of the open web site, and other quality of chain and so on are some reference.

has just entered the website optimization in many industry people, when friends in the chain of often do not know what to see what data, as the main basis of exchange. Today the Shenzhen website construction company will share with you some details need to pay attention to what time exchange chain

cross links.

page recognition

link tag is written with the anchor text, this kind of cheating is the use of onclick in this JavaScript event function jump, such as "onClick= location.href=" common link ", the source code useful onclick look at each other’s website chain, if it is determined not to change.