360 was a competitive search behind the crisis


fine small amount is not conducive to eliminate unfair competition

360 can continue to weaken the love Shanghai market position, it will produce the shift in the trend, the end result will affect the love of Shanghai’s leading position in the market. This for the market, apparently to kill love Shanghai monopoly, is beneficial to the development of search engines, but by 360 this kind of unfair competition method, to break the monopoly, from the beginning of this approach can not be achieved, so when the 360 Lost, Zhou Hongyi will be more miss Sogou! If you had been able to keep down Sogou, 30 points of market share, for the love of Shanghai is obviously will have a serious threat to


but when we found the penalty, 360 only paid the price of 400 thousand yuan, let yourself flow into love Shanghai system, so as to realize the benefits of segmentation, although this practice is not brilliant, but undeniable is to love the interests of Shanghai constitute a serious impact, in the course of time. Many users will have some dependence on 360 search engines, which is the so-called loyalty, then the 360 search market share will continue to increase, and love Shanghai will lose some market share. At present, the search engine market share in a relatively delicate stage, although the love of Shanghai is still in absolute leading position, but this position began to decline.

love Shanghai search crisis quietly approaching

love Shanghai in the search wars Zhandexianji, and will remain the leading position, but this does not mean that love Shanghai in the search engine market will be able to Everything is going smoothly. now the Internet has started, after all, to the mobile Internet.


but when the 360 encounter acquisition failure, love Shanghai again took out the intellectual property rights to the 360 stick, hard lesson, love Shanghai in the first half of 360 to the court proceedings, to protect the interests of Internet users as an excuse to love Shanghai "search results were inserted, but actually it is not for this behavior the public interest, but to the Qihoo’s own interests, that is to say 360 of Shanghai love to flow through the browser was hijacked, after months of litigation, the results of the trial has been settled, that 360 unfair competition is justified, and fined 360 for love Shanghai 400 thousand yuan.

if 360 once for love in Shanghai constitutes a threat, but as time goes on, this threat has become more weak, especially when the Tencent to sell cheap Sogou soso, once the acquisition of 360 and 360 Sogou finally say goodbye, even if it is time for a few months, when 360 Mister Zhou Hongyi will regret that Zhang Zhaoyang took his "daughter" Sogou married the wrong right, it also shows that the 360 once on Sogou’s desire, that desire is the source of love to challenge the dominance of Shanghai.