How to use the noble baby webmaster tools to improve your site traffic

this is not in the search results appear out of the ordinary, can attract more users to click.

if a page display is like this

structured data, the search results will be in the noble baby like this:


, of course, for the electricity supplier website, can also be the price, promotions and other information is also added to the search results page to display.

noble baby webmaster tools after the revision can let users know that your site in the search engine every step in operation.


this article will talk about it, how to use the noble baby webmaster tools to improve your site traffic.


we all know, each page has a title (title) and a meta (desctiption yuan, many instructions) Shanghai dragon training institutions in the course of these two labels, are emphasized. The two label is on the search results page display, as shown below:



black box is title, the blue box is description. After the user search keywords according to their own needs, the search engine will show that it lists the good pages to the user. At this time the user will according to these pages title and desc>

first, we know that the noble baby Web Tool tools for Master search search traffic, noble appearance, baby index, grab four large.


data label


data annotation tools. This data structure is similar and more convenient tool, and use the official video description, noble baby, can come here to see: https://s.youtube贵族宝贝/watch feature=player_embedded& v=WrEJds3QeTw

can see the user search results in the noble baby can directly see the customer ratings and other information.

HTML improved

The appearance of

search is the appearance of interface content see user search. There are structured data, data labeling work, improved HTML, web links. These are the user can see the content in the search results. The optimized content of this part is helpful to improve the search hits.