A combination of love Shanghai search engine optimization guide inside Shanghai dragon love Shanghai


love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng suggestions come out so far, that is obtained is many webmaster welcome everyone to an invitation code and running around for. I believe that many owners before also everywhere seeking such an invitation code, after all, love is made in Shanghai, and it is good for the site, but also makes love online, Shanghai Shanghai dragon suggestions become more mysterious, many webmaster for it at night, sleeping and eating uncomfortable.

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then, that is, things like how to say, after all, love Shanghai for a new product, an means or some, not how to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, light from several products to love Shanghai, and some products are all related to the webmaster with beta invitation, the webmaster to nature for. Fortunately, with the public in pursuit of a period of time, also successfully get an invitation code, quickly landing, uncovering the mystery of love a Shanghai Shanghai dragon proposed (of course, this is the latest, Shanghai dragon suggested invitation code early, just don’t write it):

love Shanghai’s attitude is clear, is to inform us to facilitate the user rather than the search engine, so it should be said from the user experience, as for the love of Shanghai for "users" understanding whether including SE itself can make nothing of it. When the twentieth page increase love Shanghai love you recommend static URL Shanghai’s answer is not affected, but in Shanghai Longfeng recommendations page from the spider out, Shanghai in dealing with the dynamic and static visible love >

interface is so simple, let you greatly disappointed, but in fact, if you have an invitation code, you might even ask yourself before running around and feel unbelievable behavior. After examination, will return some love Shanghai that need to modify the page, of course the detection project is less because the product has just launched, has yet to be perfect, plus some other reasons, disappointed to disappointment, this project is a common problem in the sea, naturally can not be ignored. I will love with Shanghai search engine optimization guide to inside Shanghai Longfeng suggested:

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simple URL importance list, though a bit with a taste, but it is not difficult to see that love Shanghai emphasis on URL, while the nobility baby has clearly can capture the dynamic link, but love Shanghai seem to be focused on the page URL is dynamic or static, this is a signal. We look back, you will find the love Shanghai encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of URL couldn’t be simpler, but I don’t understand is URL length and TITLE length is related, love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng not pointed out that although with Wikipedia and his understanding is there, but no authoritative statement, or recommended Reference Encyclopedia; also in the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" Ninth pages have pointed out the recommendations of the URL: