Shanghai dragon training 20 short several day Shanghai ranked first guess

Robin network in Shanghai Longfeng circle is a good, so he can be more quickly than others to attract a large number of links, this is one of his biggest advantage. This station is now the number of links in the chain, I don’t know, but there are some high weight links to link. So, I guess this is one of the reasons;

can see from the picture above, the station registration time is 2006, from now have 6 years time; especially to see the "stone interaction" four characters, is the legendary combination of Shanghai dragon circles, Robin is one of the founders of stone interaction; the station before I had noticed, itself the original is to write Shanghai dragon related content, and the re opening of the writing is about Shanghai Longfeng things. Therefore this station inherited the previous weight of ranking promotion also played a lot of role; here, I want to say, don’t be too obsessed with the old domain name, because after I will explain in the blog;

Robin although the station is just a single page, but everything is pure original, Robin in writing indeed under a lot of effort. Therefore, this station in terms of content to win in the first two pages of original content, is the difference above; therefore, there is a great role in promoting the content of the website is to the original Shanghai Longfeng optimization, site weight lifting;

here I will share my views on the ranking table, a purely personal opinion, welcome to

four, click

content is king

three, friendship one-way links


Several former

yesterday the most let us do a Shanghai dragon shocked that you know what is it? It is Robin (Liu Huan Bin) a single page website optimization is actually in the morning rushed to the Shanghai love "position Shanghai dragon training" fourth, the evening was rushed to the first place (Figure 1), the QQ group inside exploded.




Shanghai day update, the station has to page second. Therefore, this station by a group of webmaster attention, such as the BSG exchange group inside, they will sometimes pay close attention to the site’s ranking changes, thus forming a search process, click on the click; because of too many people, so the ranking is like sitting on the same rocket rising.

I guess this is four points, after looking forward to the real cause of the exposed, and then look at it! Today there is one thing it is: a domain name was K I finally returned to love Shanghai snapshots


2, the old domain weight inheritance