Shanghai dragon development constantly frustrated brand construction is imminent

said perhaps brands, many owners will feel small sites with a contemptuous disregard, even earn a living, which think of brand building that is to say, I don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, since the choice of a line has to do webmaster, bother, and I want to warn you, in the webmaster industry today’s intense competition, if you have an exception, can earn a living attitude will be washed out by the industry, because even if you try hard, you will not get a lot of reward, not to mention the three days of fishing net two days. So according to the site types and marketing mode, brand positioning website as soon as possible is our next step to solve the problem. Here I will combine the 3 website to interpret my understanding of brand building.

pig – platform development strategy

in fact about Shanghai Longfeng near the end day that from March this year began to emerge in an endless stream, at that time we have begun a series of practices from Shanghai love to feel the Shanghai dragon as a non official optimization means, has attracted the attention of Shanghai love. Optimization guide and then released the announcement of Shanghai dragon is considered Shanghai Longfeng rectification Gigabit, indeed, at the dawn of June, fell in love with the sea had big feet, many Shanghai Longfeng excellent website all denied, making the once fame a time to cry. Even some friends on the interpretation of love Shanghai this practice is to increase his advertising performance, but in the love of Shanghai alone big Chinese, let’s say really is too small, just recently from a A5 article that love Shanghai recently in the side, also a test really is such a thing, could not help feeling love Shanghai really is unfeeling, for the grassroots is spare none from the initial search results page, the auction, then later retrieval words related to the rectification, to the right promotion for today, love Shanghai really is wishful thinking played loud, but it is communicated to us another signal, that is how to use the existing opportunities for the development of website brand is the priority among priorities.

as the most famous Witkey website for the domestic pig’s performance has been outstanding in Witkey industry, but with more and more Witkey industry influence grow with each passing day, Witkey website began to enter the industry to snatch a lot more profits, and others who have joined the crooked mind, now the Witkey website also face the bottleneck of the development of Witkey the quality of the ability to continuously reduce task, the mechanism is not reasonable, the interests of buyers and sellers are not protected, so, in the heart of the Witkey website is behind more distress. Fortunately, Chongqing pig is a good site, compared to 2009 when the rise will focus more on the task, the construction of today’s pig is more inclined to the platform, constantly update the evaluation mechanism of Witkey platform, open more stores, the pig from a pure Witkey website made a skilled personnel stationed in the smart factory, let have special skills to set up their own studio, and then to help them.