Can not be ignored from the details of promotion website weight

three, website optimization is the focus of the mid

four, earnestly Links the accumulation of

some Adsense will ask, what is the real construction site? In other words, creating a web site must be law-abiding, comply with the search engine rankings rule, we build a website is to search a good included and ranking, with a more accurate the evaluation index, that is the site of weight, want to own more and more high weight website. All of this from Yu Genji, as the saying goes, Great oaks from little acorns grow., the foundation is not good, sooner or later the building will collapse. So it is the first website, website construction did not take long time format to imitate, copy and paste the contents of a web site, such as bean curd dregs, of course, the site at the beginning of the line is no what problem, can be found in the search engine, can have a ranking, but it will it will last? Bring value? For many webmaster, these are a long talk, but can have a few really pay attention to this problem, only in the future combat promotion was found, and promote the efficiency. To make an analogy, it’s like Pyramid, so this step is the base of the Pyramid, only the base is solid, Pyramid can be really strong, up.


Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Every webmaster in website operation method is somewhat different, but there are some that highly skilled people, often encounter some difficulties will shrink will give up, or after a long time of the website maintenance, web site operators will inevitably encounter a problem, find a breakthrough direction, helpless. Every time, there is a part of the webmaster is quick, always impatient to change the initial operating strategy, as a senior webmaster told colleagues: just create new sites, must pay attention to the quality of the content update and update frequency is uniform, only in this way can the site effect is obvious, the search engine on why? A new station is friendly, and the original and update frequency is closely related to law.

two, a real construction site

, a website update to strengthen the quality and quantity of

Links plays an important role in the website weight, so we do pay special attention to the correlation between friends of the chain when Links, effectiveness, quality, what is the relationship, such as electrical equipment, which belongs to the electromechanical class, you >

web site operators to the middle, has been stable, so we need to increase website optimization efforts to increase the maintenance and management of the site, improve Shanghai Longfeng optimization work of the column, the website optimization is put on the important agenda, in today’s society, time is money, fast fish eats the slow, site operation to the middle the competition is more intense, fast optimization of the more obvious advantages, so who soon will occupy the upper hand.