Shanghai dragon P2P lending site optimization strategy

keyword strategy and content construction

love Shanghai natural ranking will page ten position, our goal is to make your own website to appear in the position of the home page, the maximum let customers search brand into your own website. Of course page ten position is full of your own website is very difficult at this time, we should avoid other competitors in the site occupied the position, so we need to have sex in Shanghai (Post Bar, know, encyclopedia or library), news source content quality (e.g., Tencent, Sina, NetEase), if the conditions can be enable other domain, to maintain their own brand.

platform! 1,

First, the

Why do you want to optimize brand

now P2P lending website is not good advertising, love Shanghai, 360 search and advertising account quasi threshold Sogou high, or because advertising is too expensive, many small and medium-sized P2P site do not want to spend so much money to buy advertising. No flow, no awareness of the P2P website operation is very difficult! How to obtain high quality traffic? How to enhance brand awareness? Why don’t you try Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon is one of the many site operations personnel very much marketing means for P2P lending site should be how to optimize? The following by the Shanghai Dragon Lee for the P2P website Mitian operator:


, first is how to get more long tail word? To get the

brand word can achieve this purpose: to prevent the negative news, to prevent competitors to use its own brand of words to obtain flow, increase brand awareness, increase brand word brings flow.

: the first group to understand P2P financial or are already in the P2P investment group, want to find a few more investment to the

search for their own website brand word, is certainly in the first row, if not in the first row, the site is certainly not optimized, or search engine drop right! Of course, here is the natural ranking, the row in front of your site is due to a lot of net lending platform in Shanghai Longfeng to optimize the key, through the keyword optimization competitors to get traffic, if you search the website brands in a competitor’s site, so that a competitor’s site has made Shanghai dragon website optimization.

Optimization of 2, the optimization of long tail keywords

brand word is website of their own brands, such as XX or XX net loan, through the love of Shanghai, good search, how much is your site on the home page ranking? There are several


brand keywords optimization strategy

P2P how to optimize brand word? To introduce love in Shanghai:

according to this part of the crowd can be combined with the investor’s preferences, preferences, financial income requirements and +P2P financial companies to optimize keywords.

according to different people