The first combination marketing software SKYCC evaluation is not only comprehensive


1. landing interface concise

SKYCC combination marketing software landing interface is simple and clear, simple username and password, can realize easily landing.

2. personalization



3. large data

has always been at the forefront of marketing software market SKYCC, the past few years are the first multi user favourite work, mass software, the first classification information software all give users bring a surprise, constantly enrich the product line also let consumers have more choices. SKYCC recently launched its most distinctive unique product SKYCC combination marketing software, this is the first combination marketing software, just one out, SKYCC combination marketing software in the market set off an upsurge of purchase, multi-faceted marketing, is really a big advantage, but the advantage of SKYCC combination marketing software that is far more than a multi-faceted marketing so simple. The following I will bring you a detailed evaluation of the software.


view software information in software basic settings, you can see the current software is the latest version of the software V8.0, the function of time, at a glance, the dealer and customer contact, SKYCC combination marketing software known as a built-in data from the database information, we can see the true light, built in 8237 ad data. The blog group built built-in 5W multiple database. The data is indeed is quite large.

4. user-friendly interface

look at this interface, the rotating menu is full of interest, and the very texture. Rotary table are advertising information release, website ranking optimization, software settings and other auxiliary tools four basic functions.


interface on the left side of the personalized settings, allowing users to replace the software according to personal preferences of the skin, the dream of a rural, azure coast and other distinctive skin options. The author is in favor of individual rural dreams.

SKYCC interface looks more humane, advertising information release, website ranking optimization, arranging the basic software settings and other functions in the form of the left pulling menu, such as the management, query, download the latest data and some other auxiliary functions are arranged in the display is easily.


The built-in


Both the texture and taste of the menu

1. rotating menu