New optimization without iron into steel mentality

is usually a new station on the line, under normal circumstances will love Shanghai in 7-15 days began to include the new station there in the search engine in a "assessment period", sometimes love is not necessary because Shanghai has not included, and the work of Shanghai Longfeng own question, you should know that love love Shanghai regularly updated site, long-term regular updates to the site can quickly through the love of Shanghai "assessment period". Many new sites included normal, after an update 100 read, will find the page reduced, this shows the love of Shanghai will remove some love Shanghai that high repetition rate and no correlation between the content of. The content of the website to the original, of course, than the original acquisition either in time or at work are relatively easy, but the acquisition of the content repetition rate is too high, even if the love of Shanghai was included, but still will be deleted. The content of the website is to ensure the timely collection of love Shanghai web page source, snapshot update. This is the Shanghai dragon Er on the first important work of the optimization of the railway station.

optimization of the railway station is very important, the site structure is reasonable, the design is beautiful, can get visitors praise in appearance. This is the relationship between the first impression on the website of the search engine. Whether industry or enterprise stand, the keywords must reflect the core business projects, for some too popular keywords, may wish to choose appropriate some long tail keywords, analysis of the majority of users will generally consider how to search, do not neglect the role of long tail keywords. Do the preparatory work for the optimization of the railway station, railway station in Shanghai to work in a dragon and positioning strategy is more conducive to the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon is not only the experience and skills, when it is more competitive, industry competition, keywords ranking competition…… Indeed, some places will have interest, there will be benefits of competition, competition will progress. The competition is not equal to the game, sometimes is not fair competition. Most of the time because of various factors, may lose on the starting line to the competition. Although the Shanghai dragon about the experience and skills, but also can not ignore the time, new optimization, weight than the old station competition is low, this time gap. At this time, if a "turn iron into steel" mentality of Shanghai dragon act with undue haste, most often cause fail on the verge of success. New optimization should step by step down-to-earth, can not act with undue haste.

everyone recognized "the chain for the emperor". If the chain is the site of the foundation, a new foundation where to talk about. Of course, many way to get outside the chain. Often in an update to love Shanghai, see the webmaster discussion: the site outside the chain less of a big cut. In fact, after the love Shanghai update will delete some low quality junk the chain, so that a high quality of the chain is often better than dozens of hundreds of garbage outside the chain. The new station how to get high quality links? Links exchange is a good way to new sites can be a little difficult (money not to say), the exchange of new sites in Links, there is no need to require too high, as long as the other site

The preliminary work of