Shanghai dragon development constantly frustrated brand construction is imminent

said perhaps brands, many owners will feel small sites with a contemptuous disregard, even earn a living, which think of brand building that is to say, I don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, since the choice of a line has to do webmaster, bother, and I want to warn you, in the webmaster industry today’s intense competition, if you have an exception, can earn a living attitude will be washed out by the industry, because even if you try hard, you will not get a lot of reward, not to mention the three days of fishing net two days. So according to the site types and marketing mode, brand positioning website as soon as possible is our next step to solve the problem. Here I will combine the 3 website to interpret my understanding of brand building. read more

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Can not be ignored from the details of promotion website weight

three, website optimization is the focus of the mid

four, earnestly Links the accumulation of

some Adsense will ask, what is the real construction site? In other words, creating a web site must be law-abiding, comply with the search engine rankings rule, we build a website is to search a good included and ranking, with a more accurate the evaluation index, that is the site of weight, want to own more and more high weight website. All of this from Yu Genji, as the saying goes, Great oaks from little acorns grow., the foundation is not good, sooner or later the building will collapse. So it is the first website, website construction did not take long time format to imitate, copy and paste the contents of a web site, such as bean curd dregs, of course, the site at the beginning of the line is no what problem, can be found in the search engine, can have a ranking, but it will it will last? Bring value? For many webmaster, these are a long talk, but can have a few really pay attention to this problem, only in the future combat promotion was found, and promote the efficiency. To make an analogy, it’s like Pyramid, so this step is the base of the Pyramid, only the base is solid, Pyramid can be really strong, up. read more

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Shanghai dragon P2P lending site optimization strategy

keyword strategy and content construction

love Shanghai natural ranking will page ten position, our goal is to make your own website to appear in the position of the home page, the maximum let customers search brand into your own website. Of course page ten position is full of your own website is very difficult at this time, we should avoid other competitors in the site occupied the position, so we need to have sex in Shanghai (Post Bar, know, encyclopedia or library), news source content quality (e.g., Tencent, Sina, NetEase), if the conditions can be enable other domain, to maintain their own brand. read more

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The first combination marketing software SKYCC evaluation is not only comprehensive

1. landing interface concise

SKYCC combination marketing software landing interface is simple and clear, simple username and password, can realize easily landing.

2. personalization


3. large data

has always been at the forefront of marketing software market SKYCC, the past few years are the first multi user favourite work, mass software, the first classification information software all give users bring a surprise, constantly enrich the product line also let consumers have more choices. SKYCC recently launched its most distinctive unique product SKYCC combination marketing software, this is the first combination marketing software, just one out, SKYCC combination marketing software in the market set off an upsurge of purchase, multi-faceted marketing, is really a big advantage, but the advantage of SKYCC combination marketing software that is far more than a multi-faceted marketing so simple. The following I will bring you a detailed evaluation of the software. read more

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New optimization without iron into steel mentality

is usually a new station on the line, under normal circumstances will love Shanghai in 7-15 days began to include the new station there in the search engine in a "assessment period", sometimes love is not necessary because Shanghai has not included, and the work of Shanghai Longfeng own question, you should know that love love Shanghai regularly updated site, long-term regular updates to the site can quickly through the love of Shanghai "assessment period". Many new sites included normal, after an update 100 read, will find the page reduced, this shows the love of Shanghai will remove some love Shanghai that high repetition rate and no correlation between the content of. The content of the website to the original, of course, than the original acquisition either in time or at work are relatively easy, but the acquisition of the content repetition rate is too high, even if the love of Shanghai was included, but still will be deleted. The content of the website is to ensure the timely collection of love Shanghai web page source, snapshot update. This is the Shanghai dragon Er on the first important work of the optimization of the railway station. read more

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