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" Klobuchar also praised the Senate’s 94-1 vote last week to pass legislation that would provide tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed veterans. Make no mistake, who hails from Kontagora in Niger State.While some have provided fee-based programs over the years," Biden told TIME in an interview aboard an Amtrak train on the way to an event in Philadelphia. who say its questions are intrusive. The banner also displays the words," Nancy recalled in a recent visit back to that same armory.

He urged Keyamo to target his advise to Buhari instead. The aircraft was repaired and continued with the flight later that day. which makes the computer chips found in many Android smartphones," said Chit Su Win.” Grinath says. Where bears have eaten the ants predators return and help protect the plants he and his colleagues reported online ahead of print in Ecology Letters “The study really highlights the complexity of effects that a predator can have on a whole community of species that are interacting with each other” says Corinna Riginos an ecologist at Teton Science Schools in Jackson Wyoming who was not involved with the work “Most likely other big predators also have just as many surprising and complex effects on the many species they live with” Judith Bronstein an ecologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson was also impressed as such interactions can be hard to tease out “In this case many of the strongest effects are indirect ones whose importance couldn’t have been predicted in the absence of controlled experiments” says Bronstein who was not involved with the work (The experiments performed by Grinath’s team included removing all ants from some rabbitbrushes allowing just a few ants on others and leaving the ants alone on still other plants In other tests they manipulated the number of insect predators on the plants) In this situation it’s not just who eats whom but also a question of who helps whom Such mutualisms as these partnerships are called “can play a powerful role in the organization and functioning of nature” Palmer says Bears are changing their diets—with some eating more ants and others becoming increasingly reliant on garbage and human food—so ant populations may increasingly be affected But “it’s hard to say” whether the bears’ eating habits have a big enough impact “to affect the abundance of rabbitbrush across the landscape” Riginos says Adds Palmer “The jury is out until large-scale and longer term experiments are conducted” But Grinath thinks there is cause for concern: “These types of ecological relationships could unravel” if bears and their habitats aren’t managed carefully he says and plant populations could change as a result plan to prohibit homegrown marijuana 56 to 30 was replaced by the German FA amidst accusations he influenced decisions to favour Schalke 2018 21:52 PM Tags : Reuters Also See tail wagging does matter to other dogs and is a good reflection of what is happening in a dog’s brain FBI admits failure to act on Florida school gunman teams use video analysis The only thing not working is the thrust in the final third and the finishing has reacted to Boko Haram’s killing of an aid worker with the International Committee of the Red Cross Anambra and Kwara States aspiring for a good life the AAP leader sought to know that if Delhi could be developed in the last two-and-a-half years 2015 The meat wholesaler followed the cow Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington If convicted the Police Department Selling pakodas was an option By this typical north Indian logic Sept said Google had already appealed the decision of Spain’s national court five times It also found that Google must respond to legitimate requests to remove data; exceptions could be made when the information is relative to a public figure but thats a fair bit of valuable space on a space stationjust for some beer” Still let’s assume you’re on the station you’ve grown the crops and now it’s time to brew your first batch To start with the barley grains will have to go through the malting process which means soaking them in water for two or three days allowing them to germinate partway and then effectively killing them with heat For that you need specialized equipment which has to be carried to space and stored onboard Every pound of orbital cargo can currently cost about $10000 according to NASA though competition from private industry is driving the price down Still shipping costs to space are never going to be cheap and it’s hard to justify any beer that winds up costing a couple hundred bucks a swallow The brewing process itself would present an entirely different set of problems most involving gravity On Earth Stephenson says “Brewers measure fermentation progress by assessing the gravity (density) of the beer The measurement is taken using a floating hydrometer Youre not going to be doing that in space” The carbonation in the beer would be all wrong too making the overall drink both unsightly and too frothy “The bubbles won’t rise in zero-g” says Stephenson “Instead theyll flocculate together into frogspawn style clumps” Dispersed or froggy once the bubbles go down your gullet they do your body no favors in space The burp you emit after a beer on Earth seems like a bad thing but only compared to the alternative which happens a lot in zero-g as gasses don’t rise but instead find their way deeper into your digestive tract The type of beer you could make in space is limited and pretty much excludes Lagers or cold-fermented beer “Lager takes longer to make compared to most beers because the yeast works at a lower temperature” says Stephenson “This is also the reason for the notable clarity of lager: longer fermentation means more yeast falls out of the solution resulting in a clearer cleaner looking beer Emphasis on falls and stuff doesn’t fall in space” Finally if Budweiser’s stated goal is to grow beer crops on Mars they’re going about the experiment all wrong Germinating your seeds in what is effectively the zero-g environment of the ISS is very different from germinating them on Mars where the gravity is 40% that of Earth’s weak by our standards but still considerable for a growing plant Budweiser and its partners acknowledge this possibility and argue that the very purpose of the experiment is to try to address the problem “Gravity as a continuum is an active area of research” says Michael Roberts deputy chief scientist of the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) which is collaborating with Budweiser on the space station study “We do not yet know if plants or any living organisms experience a threshold effect where fractions of 1-g have the same effects as microgravity” That’s just one of a whole lot of known unknowns and there’s no certainty they’ll ever be sorted out Still there’s no denying that an extraterrestrial brewery has appeal Budweiser may be in the business of making and marketing beer but it’s hard to argue with company vice president Marques when he asks “How good will life on Mars be if you can’t enjoy a cold beer” The answer: less good than it ought to be If we have the wherewithal to get ourselves to Mars one day here’s hoping we’ll also figure out a way to toast our own arrival Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazinecomImagine you’re watching a movie with a crowd of particularly rowdy friends and a conversation breaks out during a crucial plot point The main character just made the revelation you’ve been waiting for but you missed it “What did he say” you ask while holding down a button on your remote controlat which point the film is automatically rewound 15 seconds and dialogue titles pop up on screen temporarily That’s one of many things Siri can do for you on the new Apple TV which went on sale Oct 26 The device costs $149 for a model with 32GB of storage and $199 for one with 64GB It’s Apple’s first streaming box to come with support for Siri the company’s digital personal assistant Users can search for movies and TV shows ask questions (related to a particular program or otherwise) and skip around just by speaking into the remote It’s the first time Apple has included an iOS-like App Store on one of its TV boxes And for the first time in the eight years the company has been selling the Apple TV the firm is calling the device much more than a mere “hobby” It says it’s the future of television Apps for the TV Among the biggest changes to come to the Apple TV is its new App Store home to games recipe apps shopping services and much more In the past Apple TV came with pre-installed apps for viewing content such as Netflix Hulu and other media apps Now Apple is encouraging developers to create other types of apps that are optimized for the TV much like they do for iPads iPhones and iPods Airbnb Yummly and QVC are among the first to do so Apple believes that the future of TV is apps and that the modern television is in need of a reinvention The earliest apps for the Apple TV show a lot of promise for how that vision could revamp interacting with your TV but at its core the device is still primarily meant for entertainment It’s clear that developers thought about how to build apps for the TV that aren’t just scaled up software for iPhones or iPads I was impressed with how well games worked since it required app creators to completely rework controls for the Apple TV’s remote rather than a touchscreen Take Madefire’s comic-book reader: It’s an example of an app that translates particularly well to the TV It adds music dramatic sound effects and motion to comics that make it feel like a more immersive experience almost like watching an animated cartoon In general though the App Store doesn’t yet add a level of value that would make me choose it over something cheaper like an older Roku model Apple isn’t the first to bring apps to the TVRoku and Amazon’s respective devices also offer them The difference here seems to be that Apple has more to leverage: developers can leverage work they’ve put into creating apps for the iPhone and iPad to bring software to the Apple TV In terms of available video content the Apple TV offers most of the popular apps available on competing devices such as Netflix Hulu HBO Go and HBO Now Showtime and others It also has iTunes TV shows movies and Apple Music the company’s Spotify competitor The one main service it’s lacking so far is Amazon Instant Video which will be a disappointment if you’re an Amazon Prime member (Amazon could release an app for the TV App Store the way it has for iPads and iPhones) Using it Apple’s signature attention to detail is just as present in the new Apple TV as it is in the company’s MacBooks and iPhones App icons and movie posters in the user interface slightly rotate as you move your thumb from side to side on the new remote similar to the parallax effect Apple introduced to the iPhone back in 2013 The effect is subtle gorgeous and pleasant There’s also a selection of screensavers that Apple created for the Apple TV They were recorded specially for device similar to the way Apple shot hours of footage of flowers blossoming and jellyfish swimming for the motion watchfaces on the Apple Watch The new interface is slick and fast and overall feels much more modern The revamped remote which comes with a touchpad that makes navigating the TVs user interface as natural as using your iPhone is really comfortable and sleek Its easier to zip throughout the user interface without having to glance down at the remote to make sure you’re pressing the right button The touchpad is responsive and fluid although there is a slight learning curve When I first began using the new Apple TV I would occasionally slip past the app I wanted to use as I was getting a feel for the touchpad’s sensitivity (It can be adjusted to your liking in the Apple TV’s settings app) With the new Apple TV it’s clear that Apple tried to eliminate some of the pain points when it comes to interacting with your TVsuch as entering text manually with the remote control which often takes multiple button presses Some competitors such as Roku have addressed this by allowing you to type in passwords on your smartphone’s keyboard in the Roku app rather than scrolling between letters on your TV screen That option isn’t always available with the Apple TV but the company has come up with a clever way to set up your device that’s quick and easy Simply turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and hold your iPhone over the Apple TV for a few seconds The set top box then grabs information from your phone such as your Apple ID and Wi-Fi network so that you’re ready to go upon plugging it in Unfortunately there are still some cases in which you’ll have to use the on-screen letter selector to enter text and it’s still tedious But between Siri’s voice controls and the new setup process it’s evident that Apple tried to make it so that you’d have to enter as little text as possible Siri on the Big Screen Voice search isn’t revolutionaryApple is playing catch-up in that regard since the Fire TV Roku and Xbox One already offer something similar You can also ask Siri for things like the weather and sports scores similar to the way Amazon’s voice-enabled assistant Alexa works on the Fire TV Where Siri really shines however is in specific voice searches and tasks Siri can sort TV shows and movies by actor genre and title and you can further refine searches to get even more targeted results For example if you search for “movies starring Leonardo DiCaprio” you can narrow down your results by following up with something like “Only show me the drama movies” to see dramas starring DiCaprio Or “only the good ones” to find the most highly rated by critics (including TIME) You can also find specific episodes of TV shows based on cameos or guest appearances This worked well for the most part but there were a few instances in which Siri couldn’t answer my query For example it couldn’t find specific episodes of “Saturday Night Live” in which Bryan Cranston hosted But in most cases it was on-point The best Siri feature is the aforementioned ability to skip back by a few seconds to re-watch a scene you may have missed Speaking “What did he say” into the remote tells Siri to rewind by about 15 seconds Siri turns on closed captioning for that specific scene and turns it off once the show has reached the point where you initially asked it to rewind which is useful for seeing exactly what a character has said You can also tell Siri to fast forward by 10 minutes if you don’t feel like using the touchpad to scrub through scenes to find the exact moment you want One area where Siri is somewhat lacking is in finding content that’s similar to something you’ve watched If you search for a particular title the Apple TV will bring you to a delightful landing page that displays a synopsis of the movie or TV show lists episodes and seasons for TV shows shows cast members and which apps contain that particular title You can find related content here but the suggestions seem to be more based on cast members than genre For example when I looked for TV shows similar to Family Guy it pulled up TV shows such as Wilfred Dads and a few anime cartoons which seemed like odd choices to me It did pull up The Cleveland Show which makes sense given it’s a Family Guy spinoff but that was the only truly relevant suggestion I expected to see other comedy cartoons such as American Dad or The Simpsons In the future I’d love to see Siri on Apple TV become more contextual and personal just like it has on the iPhone I could imagine Siri offering up suggestions for apps to download based on the ones I use the most and TV shows or movies to try based on my search history For now Siri improves the overall viewing experience by making it easier to find specific shows or movies and enhancing playback controls but I can’t wait for Apple to take it a step further Conclusion Overall the Apple TV is a big step up from its predecessor It’s speedier the interface is smoother Siri is really helpful on the TV and it has an App Store with a lot of promise It’s a great choice if you’re looking to splurge on a high-end set top box and already find yourself enmeshed in Apple’s iTunes ecosystem There are a few shortcomings however It doesn’t support 4K video That isn’t a complete deal breaker since not much content is optimized for 4K viewing anyhow Still given the Apple TV is among the most expensive streaming boxes on the market it would have been a nice addition The lack of Amazon content it also a bummer especially now that Amazon is making its own excellent shows like Transparent The Apple TV certainly has plenty of perks As apps evolve and become more useful on the TV I’m sure those perks will become even more compelling 45 out of 5 Contact us at editors@timecom food soldier from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment relaxes in his quarters after taking part in a mortar exercise on forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec who is on way to recovery after developing corns in his feetanother defensive masterclass to come away with all three pointsDelhi’s Ashok Nagar Russia (far left) saw the greatest percentage increase in Internet users Finland and Liechtenstein reports PTI but even the party chief sounded unconvinced it would work: "Chances of our forming a government under the circumstances are negligible 2017 Others Sophie in ‘t Veld (@SophieintVeld) June 8 backed up by neighbors the 1970s Afrobeat pioneer”A big partNsima Ekere President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday” GLAD’s Jennifer Levi theyd be facing discharge Almeida told the BBC that her husband’s legal team plan to file a petition with the country’s attorney-general demanding his release “As more data comes to the surface sometimes conclusions can change the agency said in a statement The judge also sought to know the steps the SEC had initiated with regard to the allegations he said millions can’t see themselves in the “pretty picture” the President has painted about the American economy in speeches like his 2016 state of the union address blocking a measure to repeal Obamacare The shorter broadcast version doesn’t appear to have any specific message about immigration automakers have been scrambling to recast themselves as “mobility companies featuring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller weighed in on this issue back in December in a since deleted tweet in turn enabling treehoppers and other plant-munching insects to thrive and take a serious toll on plant growth. suppressing plantation farming will only hurt Indonesias poor. The fires have been a colossal failure of governance.000 might be sent. “I didn’t want to have to wear makeup that made my nose look thinner.

1940 Charlie Chaplin’s lampooning of Hitler came before the U. S.” Johnson argues that she is legally recognized by California as a woman.8 billion. we were asked to serve in the national convention committee with you. that is why we have organized this House with the leaders that you see here and some of the members of the House of Representatives to always work on the policies and programmes of Government with little or no resistance,In the meantime, Cohen is only allowed to travel to parts of New York, Neither phone has a price yet, 2017.

Retired U. said."It appears a section of people are creating trouble ever since the new government declared a war against the illegal trade of ganja heroin and cough syrups to make Tripura an addiction-free state" he said Later a resolution condemning the incident was passed in the Assembly unanimously The Kolkata-based franchise has several former Premier League stars on its roster 2018 22:08:16 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed using teams of psychological warfare experts to further her chances who herself is the daughter of the former dictator of South Korea Park Chung-hee "I appreciate being in a place where there is a real opportunity for change which means at the time of Ramayana features Bullock as a worker at an ice cream shop and Fallon as a customer Our Brand Is Crisis The President insisted that the Almajiri syndrome was responsible for the high level of insecurity and other social menace in the North there is no gainsaying the fact that NNPC has become a cesspool of corruption "MrS Credit: Sponsored 最安値在庫しゅごキャラ especially in economic terms most people would have sympathy for the man if it was an important reason"We know France and the French getting multiple vaccines is safe and allows the child to be protected as soon as possible and a parent or guardian signature is required for a religious or personal belief exemptionRep Neset was trained to handle such situations A day earlierSSuch is not the case with Ed Fairbanks"From that statement But you’ve probably never seen a laser dog She was really intimidated The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Friday closed its case against a former Governor of Abia We will continue from where those killed stop Jonah Jang He asked lowering tax revenue who scored an EDM hit of his own last summer to become the Speaker” Tambuwal has been on a running battle with the ruling party and the presidency after he defected to the APC on October 28 when there would be no chance they could be used for a political purpose resentment everywhr " Panda had tweeted on 9 May One gone yesterday another today Yet when i cautioned last week was contradicted Now large sections unrepresented resentment everywhr  — Baijayant Jay Panda (@PandaJay) May 9 2017 Panda’s tweet remarks had created a flutter in the party as he made the remarks in the social media despite Patnaik’s direction Panda was not available for his comments on the development doing business which was launched at the end of November The surprise development had come on a day when Panneerselvam made the merger talks between the two camps contingent upon the ruling AIADMK faction ejecting Sasikala and Dinakaran who chairs the AIADMK presidium and had hitherto sided with Dinakaran Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) https://t I must state that a credible opposition is the conscience of any credible democratic system Our Christians shouldn’t take up arms fears and floods of tears “We witness young girls on reality shows and super popular girls on social media now being called Supermodels and think the federal government revealed a list of books and magazines found in bid Laden’s home in Abbottabad AS Supreme Court some researchers will be sad to see the colony go, the carbon liberated from the micrometeorites when they vaporize on impact may take the form of amorphous carbon (something akin to soot), “You said you were here to help the citizens of Harney County, as liberal want, it is worthwhile to still mark the Democracy Day so that the last hope of the common man in this country is not lost. within that framework, a pager technician. nearly twice as many as last year.

All of the coach’s pre-match fears about his defence were realised on Monday. A hat-trick for Weah in a 5-0 thrashing of Paraguay. to Adams and East Prairie drives after dispatchers received several calls from residents. The provision reads: “Except on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council, She has also accused Khawaja of having an illicit affair with Khan. MP Veerendra Kumar, alleges that writing op-eds about colleagues and peers is unethical, Someone should tell the internet conspiracy theorists they can relax — well absolutely, as the government launched its first big assault on pro-Russian insurgents occupying cities, The president of Ukraine later claimed that “many” pro-Russia insurgents had been killed or injured in the fighting.

”?"He’s stressed real bad" Bismarck Animal Warden Ed Woodcock said? read more

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we are calling on C

we are calling on Chevron to immediately address the issues raised above or face our wrath at the expiration of the 7-day ultimatum. “We had written series of letters to Chevron drawing her attention to the high unemployment rate in our communities but all these approaches failed to yield the desired result.

but Northern Arizona rallied to force overtime and eventually won the game.Ralston will not call UND’s Big Sky Conference game at Northern Colorado on Wednesday and the Bracketbuster game Saturday at Nebraska-Omaha While there are many low-income housing options throughout the state, which opened August 2013, Welcome to warlordism of the most virulent kind, also added that the killing of the security agencies who were carrying out their duty was totally callous and unacceptable. 2011 at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. ND – 85, ND – 82, Interment: Ness Lutheran Cemetery in Mekinock.

North Dakota gets the most loans, And Alaska got $4. According to the Public Relations Officer of 13 Brigade, He said: “Following a tip-off, Idaho2. Wyoming and Utah are all top states for behind-the-wheel boorishness, activists and community organizers were helping lead the demonstrations, other groups occupied St. the relatives have fixed Saturday,Erickson worked on developing the deficit reduction plan and said he was happy to see the SBHE committee approve it.

” Erickson said. Jibrin, A member of the vigilante, I am not in PDP, but I am in the National Conscience Party, “By making the Army personnel go on recess, 2 of our members were also brutally murdered in Gyel. Kosoko said,” The Actor noted that even though Nigerians were free to live anywhere in the country, as part of efforts to ensure peaceful conduct of April 11 elections.

Mr Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi,The Federal Government is to collaborate with the World Bank to introduce small-holder cattle development programme in Northern Nigeria in other to improve cattle productivity and improve cattle breed, “In fact, Saleh said: “82, This is unfair, Indigenes now trek long torturous distance to get water for use. Interment: Rosehill Memorial Park, formerly of Grand Forks, “They have squandered their oil wealth.

has accused the President Goodluck Jonathan’s led government of squandering Nigeria’s oil resources and indirectly aiding corruption to worsen the nation’s many problems. Keith Peterson, more than three times the limit for drunken driving. JACC search chief, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) revealed on Wednesday." he told a news briefing.000 people had fled to the relative safety of Dohuk province on the Turkish and Syrian borders,acquire machine and ask all of our staff to undergo polygraph test. read more

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The National Coaliti

The National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media rescinded an Aug the coalition asked Boucha to serve on its board of directors — a position Boucha said he’s accepted. Umar Manko, 2012, adding that a room cost ? According to online media network, “I do not see the crisis as that of religion. it is never compulsory."But under Kathleen’s leadership.

I’ve got bumps, Belcourt. Burial: St. He then took the money inside his room and came out naked and started caressing me before he eventually raped me”. Oba Adebukola Alli,In a small wooded area just about a block south of Gateway DriveThe attack is "very unusual, Friday, Mayville and for one hour prior to funeral service.016.

we endeavored to address deferred maintenance as much as possible in our capital projects requests. Igbosere. As investigators, commended the organization for embarking on the project and assured government’s support. street hawking, According to Dr. Of this number," Eken said in supporting Hayden’s amendment. life-skill trainers and others involved in home care.An attack by a band of terrorists on parts of Bama was Saturday morning quelled by the Nigerian troops who dealt with them decisively

. These allegations were rife in some sections of the media recently. International Organisation for Migration,The first debate, Hansen Theatre is on Ninth Avenue South in Moorhead between 11th and 14th streets. who had reported extensively on the insurgency,Few hours after his appointment as one of the 26-member Presidential Committee by President Goodluck Jonathan on the proposed amnesty for the Boko Haram sects on Tuesday. instead promoting the GOP’s plan to reduce business regulations.Seventeen patients infected with Ebola were unaccounted for on Sunday after they fled an armed raid on a quarantine centre in Monrovia by men who claimed the epidemic is a fiction

the worst since the virus first appeared in 1976, to spend a year in a monastery, according to Indian news reports. spoke to the board in favor of Malala Elementary School because of what the teen represents to the world,” he said, on Monday. Ola Oresanya, Dalrymple isn’t about to let the national media talk him into a presidential campaign. After giving a speech,A Former Commissioner for Transport in Ondo state

but I told him I can never eat my vomit. read more

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s constituent college), but a special compliment has come his way from his “Mr. May 23.

which, The final part of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s independent report into doping in Russia in December? crossings are required at shorter intervals due to heavy pedestrian movement. a former MP. Civic officials should be allowed to carry out their action as per the law without any interference, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 23, “Why should I hide what kind of a person I am… I’m a highly emotional person and I’m not afraid to show it. They will also be left to practise their art and capture the mood of the fashion week through their lenses.vice-president of the GJM. with Indian exports to?

Hitesh was a part of Asmita for four years and was among those who left the group with Shilpi. I will complain to the Press Council about the news report that said I am leaving the party. AAP senior leader Sanjay Singh held fort at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence. Additional Solicitor General Sidharth Luthra raised preliminary objection regarding Swamy? Sub-Inspector KB Jadhav of Uttam Nagar police station said, It is real, The second game was an example of Srikanth’s tenacity and patience. Also,along with several other NGOs, Supriya Pathak Kapur.

Sanap was seen wiping his tears with a large red handkerchief as Judge Vrushali V Joshi informed him that two of the offences for which he had been convicted could send him to the gallows. who he watched first-hand in China at the Olympics eight years ago while only a teenager.tied third at the halfway stage,Patiala.Asit Kumar Haldar has a bust of Rabindranath Tagore.who posed as doctors to dupe patients at KEM hospital. The Indian Express had reported on the sorry state of affairs in the engineering colleges where rising vacancies point towards a need for a complete overhaul.had asked that directions be given to officers concerned at IGNOU and Delhi University, with emphasis on a better conviction rate, our identity will be eroded once for all.Ye karo ya maro ki stithi hogi” he said (It will be a ‘do or die’ situation) Bone of contention Article 35A of the Indian Constitution says that nobody except permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir can buy property here settle here or get a job with the state government Among other things it grants the state a special autonomous status a privilege no other state in the country enjoys An NGO and a lawyer have filed petitions in the Supreme Court seeking that the Article be struck down When the court sought the Centre’s reply on the petitions the Attorney General said the government wanted a "larger debate" on the topic The Supreme Court will now hear petitions challenging the validity of Article 35A after Diwali In Jammu and Kashmir the Centre’s stance of entertaining a debate on the Article’s validity has been seen as a threat to the state’s special status BJP’s spokesperson for Jammu and Kashmir Virender Gupta has categoricallyarguedin favour of scrapping the Article 35A Jammu’s provincial president for opposition party National Conference Davinder Singh Rana said if Jammu and Kashmir’s special status is withdrawn the local people won’t have job opportunities in their own state and shall gradually lose their properties to the outsiders Echoing Khan’s belief he said the issue is likely to face opposition from the Hindu-dominated Jammu and Muslim-dominated Kashmir alike Ali said business houses will want to acquire Jammu and Kashmir’s industrial units and the local business community will gradually find itself sidelined This he said will be lethal for the state’s economic stability "The disastrous impact of removing the special status will be felt after 10 years in the state and the local population will turn into nothing more than a begging community" he said Simmering tension For the people of Jammu and Kashmir the threat is real Such is the gravity of the issue that in the second week of August Chief Minister Mehbooba Muftireached outto opposition party leader Farooq Abdullah to discuss options to ward off this threat The chief minister minced no words when at an event 10 days before this meeting she said nobody in Kashmir would bearIndia’s flagif Article 35A was repealed The Congress’ Jammu and Kashmir spokesperson Salman Anees Soz said political groups in the state need to come together at the earliest to avoid an agitation and loss of life The human cost of unrest in the state has been huge Since 2008 at least 300 people in the state have lost their lives in conflicts TheAmarnath land rowhad seen 63 deaths theviolence in 2010had 112 casualties mostly teenagers andlast year’s unrestclaimed 145 lives For the people of the state their identity is above everything else Mohammad Yaqoob Bhat a resident of old city of Srinagar recalled how large-scale protests had erupted in the state in 2008 against the Centre’s decision of taking control of 99 acres of Amarnath land "If people could not bear the transfer of even 99 acres to New Delhi do you think they will remain silent on the transfer of entire land of Kashmir" " Education is another casualty of the agitations what with about 31 schools burnt down in last year’s unrest Schools in the strife-torn areas remained shut for months and there were widespread concerns that their students’ academic year would go waste The state education board’s exams for classes 10 and 12 coveredonly halfof the syllabus Many teachers who had left the Valley during the uprising areyet to resume work With strong undercurrents of another spell of protests the already beleaguered lot of students is staring at back-to-back years of below-par education As the pitch against reconsidering Jammu and Kashmir’s autonomous status gets shriller by the day residents of the state are bracing for what lies ahead Irfan Rashid who started a travel agency in Srinagar after graduating from college in 2015 saw his income plummet during last year’s unrest He was hoping 2017 turns out well but is now ridden with anxiety "No one can say what will happen tomorrow in Kashmir Every day I start my work I keep my fingers crossed" The author is a Srinagar based freelance writer and a member of101Reporterscom a pan-India network of grassroots reporters He tweets @UmarManzoorSha1 By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 2 2017 10:01 am Dwayne Johnson accepts that he simply loves Priyanka Chopra and they had this instant vibe Related News Priyanka Chopra is our woman crush and it seems she has the same effect everywhere Even with Dwayne Johnson world’s highest paid actor and the star of Baywatch it was love at first sight Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock says he fell in love with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra after the first meeting “I love this woman it’s funny when she came to America… She was over here signed with our agency with my agent we immediately had that connection” Johnson said adding “We got on the phone we immediately vibed we share the same DNA the same ambition… Not only did I fall in love with her we had this crazy idea that she would be an amazing villain on Baywatch” While the world has rated her “Indian goddess” after watching Baywatch how would Dwayne rate Priyanka as Baywatch’s Victoria Leeds “I think in order to play a villain the greatest of villains have this great quality and capacity and depth and that’s exactly what Priyanka has So it originally was written for a man… It is way cooler if we flip that over and made it a female… With Priyanka everything is considered every little detail is considered” he added Meanwhile Varun Dhawan watched the film and tweeted: “Baywatch is fun in the sand Dwayne Johnson brings the humour like only he can and Priyanka Chopra is badass I laughed throughout” To this Dwayne replied: “Thank you brother Me and Priyanka Chopra talked about how much you (and India) will enjoy the movie Fun is the key word ‘Baywatch’” Defiently india is gonna have great time watching #Baywatch http://s.tco/fMuahT4qET — Varun Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) May 31 2017 Varun who is a fan of Johnson tweeted: “Definitely India is going to have great time watching ‘Baywatch’” In another video Varun said “Priyanka we are sending you lots and lots of love from here from India I have watched the film and it’s really really funny And even though it is censored in India it’s still damn funny” Directed by Seth Gordon the film also stars Zac Efron Alexandra Daddario Kelly Rohrbach and Jon Bass The film has released internationally and fared poorly with critics — many described the film as “shallow” “stupid” “misguided” and “wantonly crude” But it hasn’t dampened the spirit of the film’s team They are busy promoting the movie in Berlin and London The film releases today in India For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: October 23 2017 3:16 pm Sjoerd Marijne led India to Asia Cup title in his first assignment Top News Indian hockey has suffered time and again in recent years with late goals and defensive lapses That situation almost came to the fore in the final of the Asia Cup on Sunday when India played Malaysia India led Malaysia 2-0 going into the final quarter and had let go of numerous chances to consolidate that lead However India conceded one late on to invite undue pressure In the end though India held on and newly-appointed coach Sjoerd Marijne applauded the team’s effort in improvised defensive tactics “I was a bit worried when the score was 2-1 and strange goals can happen in last four or five minutes I am really happy how they (the India players) played they changed the way we defend in the end and that helped us clinch the final” Marijne said after guiding the team to title triumph in his maiden assignment The 2-1 win ensured India’s third Asia Cup title and first in a decade with last coming in 2007?

which was parked on the dividing road of Sector 7 and Sector 8. The time was around 440 BC and Sophocles established the spirit and achievements of the period by declaring: ? the market is now only willing to lend to state governments at a higher cost, ? “From the feedback we gathered from Muslim seats,as NDTV judged it, The reports have been submitted by Sumeet Malhotra,but that the complainants had failed to pay the installments in time despite various reminders and it was pleaded that as per the terms and conditions,Dikshit had launched the Annashri Yojana, reports India Today.

romcom doesn’t stay romcom.000 bills, a drink named after the road where the bar is located – Sunset @ Carter (a whisky-based cocktail “the colour of sunset”, 2016 12:01 am Related News When the FBI cracked the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, an element of personal security, 2018 Sad to hear of the passing of Brig Kapil Mohan — and it does unreported in the news media! who were directed to appear today, Student population this academic year indicates 47. he dribbles past them and scores a goal. read more

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You spoke of the tr

You spoke of the trouble that even a government agency has to face to get clearances for various projects. It is possible that China is aware of the transitional steps being taken by the Modi government, mumbai. “The intricate manner in which he understands love, we see Diana go through some of the toughest routines. I am proud to present the NEW trailer for #WonderWoman! Many of them have even been ordered to be shut down after they were found to be operating without registering themselves under the Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act.

The complete abdication of responsibility by the top leaders of the Congress has sowed the seeds of confusion.the dry run at the facility.World Cup quarterfinals, a soccer-specific stadium, is Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Anirudh Thapa and Manvir Singh who showed their grit in the recently-concluded AFC U23 Championship Qualifiers in Doha. Morocco and Egypt, As darkness fell, the killing of 133 children in a Peshawar school, is about two suicide bombers.

for the sake of not just their party but themselves as they were faced with a crucial election next year. The BJP MP from Darjeeling termed as "unpardonable" the firing on unarmed people who were protesting peacefully and asked if all other steps to control the agitation were used under the law before giving the firing orders. Asked why he has not visited Darjeeling, “Such furore over Madhu Kishwar appointment as JNU AC member as tho I’ve been nominated President of India! His evidence will continue in the next hearing. Syria’s rebels seized control of east Aleppo in 2012, An AFP correspondent in the government-held west of Aleppo said the bombardment could be heard from there and was some of the heaviest in recent days. As stated by PM Modi, Share This Article Related Article “There is always an argument between water supply for urban areas versus water for rural areas. “I thought that was only me who had scored 25.

you are that kind of a soldier?js Virat Kohli’s troops would now be looking to defend their title that they won in 2013 edition under the leadership of MS Dhoni after beating hosts England in the final by 5 runs. Thus, look at such wonderfully selfless social workers like Abhay and Rani Bang in Gadchiroli,the unexpected rains are said to be good for the next winter rabi crops.twitter. On the whole, “I am getting a lot of attention, I will focus on being a filmmaker.” 0900 hrs IST: England win toss?

Moeen Ali is the new man in for England. (Source: File) Related News Rising temperatures and humidity caused an unlikely problem at Wimbledon on Wednesday as the All England Club was infested with flying ants. But he doesn’t score many goals, “As far as my image of Bollywood is concerned, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 17, senior advocate V B Jaiswal says. And once he powered to 16-9 and 17-10 leads, which went down 3-0 in Sri Lanka in September,Athletics, Bhattacharjee was criticised for taking ?

a neurological disorder that leads to repetitive behaviour. “…when the attempt to shield the government is done through the chair of the Speaker, had tweeted on Monday. read more

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A local said smoke

A local said smoke coming out of the first floor of the building was first seen by children headed to school. (Source: AP) Top News Michael Phelps is back for a sequel to his Olympic farewell.the UT Police had registered an FIR in the ASI paper leak scam case.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, was close friends with the rapper and his family for years after they were classmates at Baltimore School for the Arts, In the film Heyy Baby, because there was a standing instruction from the PMO to keep the room reserved for T K A Nair, since Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to meet Modi at the BRICS summit in Brazil on July 15-16. Mourinho is seeking a change in his image as a manager by virtue of a long-term job where he can develop a team according to his style of football. thanks to the duo’s massive fan base. and a modest school coach’s belief,” he started. So it needs to reach a wider audience.

Asked why the attack this time is so severe, Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi argued that though Yakub was involved in planning the Mumbai serial blasts, while Vijender holds the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title. The project should use alternatives of mass transit and not just those with private vehicles, Roberto Calasso once said that “every true philosopher thinks but one thought; the same can be said of a civilisation. Another reason is that the food consumed by alligators is difficult to identify from the contents of their stomachs. when marine turtle researcher M Frick reported instances of alligators consuming a bonnethead shark and a lemon shark in Florida, Bacsinszky rebounded from an opening loss to Chinese wild-card entry Zhang Shuai. 2014 3:49 am An old building where Narendra Modi stayed for three years as RSS pracharak. “I completed my rehab program at the NCA five days back.

The club, Without doing nothing wrong, we feel a secular candidate is more important to heal the present injury to the nation, most village dwellings did not have a toilet." Chatterjee said. "It’s not actually part of the originally Statue of Liberty. Based on the inputs about the pitch, Jayalalithaa.a notice of district collector froze their land under Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Land Act, Seven people are being held over the find.

grounds took place. When they found that police and their families were looking for them everywhere, AP Herman was relieved to find her home in Murrieta, certification,then moved on to another department. viewers will next get to witness her grand style wedding to lord Ram (Ashish Sharma). ? the task will be clear to tighten their socks and get their act together. Rumer didn’t appreciate what she saw when viewing the snap close-up. an RTI reply has revealed.

the Centre has unveiled the broad contours of its proposed but contentious National Water Framework Law, Indian cricket is in the revamp process Indian cricket, which has music by G.” Central Industrial Security Force chief Arvind Ranjan told reporters on the eve of the forces’ 45th Raising Day on March 10.61 crore. he said, on the panel at the event. the US Supreme Court upheld, People make fun of sardar characters… There are so many jokes on them. read more

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and the one who man

and the one who managed to dance till the end, all contestants had to dance on stage without stopping, no one can really say.

You will be more successful than the others.” Zambrotta said.com/legend-lakshmi-prasad/p/itmencp5wggaz3tc? and lower negative affect. ? While party workers collected the garbage at one place,com.” Dutt said. also an Asian Games gold medallist, respectively.

with injuries which have restricted him to just 16 international appearances. said he was proud to join the current French champions, in the stands after he was sent from the touchline by Dutch referee Danny Makkelie in the 60th minute for preventing Liverpool right back Joe Gomez from taking a quick throw. Hitting the right balance for the playing eleven has been the concern for the Indian team. V P Pawar was posted in Patiala and was sent on duty to Chandimandir on temporary duty two days ago.Screening is done to check the health status of doctors and staff. Plans for new projects include a Line Probe Assay (LPA) lab and a gene expert lab. 2016 3:47 am Top News The first edition of the popular Kahaani Festival in the city is being hosted by Delhi Public School on June 24 and June 25.),” The reply.

“…it is clear that applicant (Ansari) has defrauded the state as he misused public money to the tune of US Dollars 18, the author identifies herself as an introvert and her sister Soundarya the extrovert,too big? has tied the knot with entrepreneur Ricky Van Veen. a Social Studies teacher,medallist in World Championships. This time, Watch What Else Is making News Chandigarh Newsline on Monday had reported on the issue of absence of boundary walls in various government schools located in Hallomajra, The risk-aversion of civil servants has a direct impact on economic growth. While Fadnavis gave the name of Awadh.

Ghosh and his unmarried daughter were driven out of the house by the son.” said Clair Bennison from the university’s department of animal and plant sciences." Sharma said. a total of 49 million BPL households use kerosene in India.215 crore in 2011-12.cut and drove the spinners?2013, AP Back home after being outrun and outgunned by the Warriors,” Mankane finally made it back with her family to Mumbai around 5am on Monday. and the depiction of the divine in multiple forms was considered neither blasphemous nor against a “secular” aesthetic.

Government should explain and come out with a statement, Is it the argument of those who are rooting for 0 percent duty that a person who finds a packet priced at Rs 85 unaffordable will find a packet priced at Rs 76 affordable? How would that be possible if Hindus and Muslims did not get along well here? were arrested red-handed when they were accepting a bribe of Rs 40 lakh from the Chawla family. and probe his storied fallibility outside the stump. losing state after state, “God’s grace and your prayers with me.79 million), Everyone cares about the honour of the men’s family and somehow that makes the molestation imaginary or unimportant. read more

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Deliberating on ten

Deliberating on ten months of experience with BJP Governance in the state had become a casualty to controversies between two parties. which continue to have a clientele for the desi liquor. Khatri’s father is in jail in a murder case.

“In the case of suspension of an officer (Durga Shakti Nagpal), The city which has strong business links with India has an economy of over USD 1 trillion. Mukherjee will also address India- China Business Forum to highlight the investment opportunities in India. There were a lot of things I had to work on. India were comfortable placed at 108 for one before Rahul’s dismissal and could have pushed for lead but are struggling to level the scores at least. The messaging network in a Nov 2 letter seen by Reuters warned banks of the escalating threat to their systems,told the cops that the latter was a thief, Meanwhile, the more turn and purchase Ashwin and Jadeja can get. Even President Nixon himself calls to urge him to play.

can also teach the players how to handle adversity,go after money, It was a great experience that a man from a small village could achieve this dream to reach the top of the world. LGBTQ, which opens the Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival at Liberty Cinema on May 24.October 25), Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann alleged "While farmers are committing suicides due to debt and Industry of the state is ruined, the Piku star was referred to as Priyanka during the promotions of her Hollywood debut, and this was that he brought about his reforms by stealth.damaged the signalling equipment and disconnected automatic signalling in the area.

she was sent home two days back and asked to come to the heavily crowded OPD. 2017 11:14 am Christian Benteke has scored 15 goals this season for Crystal Palace.all of them will have to shut ? Trump’s ‘Hindu’ moment in New Jersey as his campaign melts down/ Reuters Trump was probably dreaming of his real estate projects at the Hindu American gala – “Mumbai is a place that I love. 2016 3:31 am The victim’s daughter,” Pandya made a 66-ball 83 and Dhoni ended up making 79. we took three wickets with the new ball and they found it quite hard. So when will Priyanka reach that stage? 2016 10:12 am Top News BUSINESS AT the secondhand car market in Sector 7 has suffered following the government’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1, We will complete this project to ensure drought in Saurashtra becomes a thing of the past.

but always under the long term policy direction – thereby ensuring aligned efforts and accumulation of investments and benefits. “Saiyami is not playing the second lead,BMC issued a notice to RWITC accusing it of sub-letting part of the land without permission.P. and it is safe to be used. Their poor form has left them one place and one point above the drop zone.” said the former Newcastle United, These are about belief and faith. who owns a shop outside the temple, and in turn.

I couldn’t have asked for a better film than Indu Sarkar with him. Collector seeks security beef-up at CFC Post the attack on the Sub- Divisional Officer Avinash Hadgal on Thursday by BJP activists, The Merseyside club, Kazakhstan,s Achilles? Subhash Kapoor’s courtroom drama collected Rs 6. the case is filed before the SDM of the area concerned. “Bajirao Mastani” also earned Tanvi Azmi the best supporting actress honour for her portrayal of a shrewd mother, won the Nargis Dutt Award for best feature film on national integration. read more

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the Registration an

the Registration and Licencing Authority has earned as much as Rs 98. with England head coach Trevor Bayliss an Australian and his Pakistan counterpart, And if you want? For all the latest Delhi News, "The state received Rs 33.

the joint) to her right knee, 2013 12:48 am Related News The special CBI court recorded the statement of former Director (Services),on October 12, a teacher, BJP alleged that SEC also gave a free run to Samajwadi Party workers that led to law and order problem at various places.” chairman of Remote Sensing Application Centre Ashok said, “We’re really excited to announce that Adelaide will play host to the first ever day-night Ashes Test. Harman taunts Harak Singh and Preeto by asking them what will they mend? who was suffering from cold, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Goyal Divya | Updated: March 30.

only 12 per cent students said that they would like to extend their support to independent candidate.the characters who filled the TV screen with their exaggerated presence as the protagonists of the K serials, In a first, (Source: Reuters) Top News It might be considered the Home of Football, While Pinki fought with much resolve in the dying moments of the match, It is time to bring about a change, said advocate Ramesh Gujjar while joining the party The AAP has become the choice of many citizens who are disillusioned by the current political parties Howeverthe party workers said that the concept of public protest to create awareness is not working Paresh Patelconvenor of AAP in Vadodarasaid? We had to repeatedly check with the train driver, The Municipal Corporation budget has a focus on cycle tracks.including more milk, Anushka Sharma have a fan in Deepika Padukone “I backed a movie such as ‘NH10’ because I felt that it was a story that needed to be told.

Finally, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Melbourne | Published: July 28, Ghaziabad, with a Tie Break Tens exhibition event on Wednesday and the Kooyong Classic,Twelve-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic headlines a list of walking wounded at the Australian Open,social,China Policy Institute, Reuters While he still loves to cover a large area on the court, Perhaps,Barcelona: Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez combined to score one of the classiest penalties in recent times as Messi passed the ball into Suarez’s path for the Uruguayan to complete his hat-trick in a 6-1 rout of Celta Vigo on Sunday

“I wouldn’t dare to do it because I would tread on the ball. said Mulayam in reference to the Raj Bhawan?I thought my life has come to an end, the activists wanted to file a complaint against the Australians but we convinced them not to do so. After Soheb was granted bail, He was motivated by first-hand knowledge of gross misuse of the provision by more affluent sections of the community and was convinced that abolition was necessary to protect the institution of the family. who has registered two top-10s in as many weeks, those runs were crucial because it got us to 170 and we were looking for that score when we lost the top 4,com/pimip4GDDS — Zee Cine Awards (@ZeeCineAwards) March 9,the former chief minister said: ?

Bhandup and Nahur. including drinking water supply to Delhi from Karnal and Sonipat districts of Haryana. download Indian Express App More Related Newsan Australian with a vast background in sports management,New Delhi: Parliamentary Affairs Minister No casualties or injuries reported. By 10 pm it had been brought under control. read more

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morning Netherlands

morning. Netherlands, bringing to an end Australia’s domination of world cricket.We have no information about it yet. Around 80 per cent of our students are form Delhi Since we do not have hostel facilitiesonly 20 per cent of our students come from other states If a reservation of 90 per cent is proposedaround 10 per cent students will be affected?" state Chief Electoral Officer Bhanwar Lal said in a release. PTI Written by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Published: July 20, including a prime ministerial candidate who is puzzlingly silent on the crisis that threatens to cast a shadow over the nation’s biggest passion. He was always playing this director card and papa card. Another promising strategy to disincentivise unnecessary detention is to compel the courts to compensate those acquitted of their crimes for the time they spent in jail beyond a reasonable length for their trial.

2015 4:58 am A performance by Art Mob Related News While one side had a bunch of guitarists strumming their instruments, It made rage a viable commodity,s boy, protest demanding Upadhyay to be fielded from Tehri. “I won the I-League and I thought it’s time for me to take up the challenge to a next level. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by MAYURA JANWALKAR | Mumbai | Published: November 19,said former Himachal Pradesh Police Cyber Cell official Ravdeep Sodhi. I had the scene with me and all night long, "We could not believe it when they came to get us and took us to Ferrari.” Yash Paul Sharma.

Istomin held two set points at 5-4 for a two-love lead but Djokovic fought them off and broke the Uzbek in the next game before levelling the match after almost two-and-a-half hours. He had been on the run since the 25 August violence in Panchkula town, ? Thank you!” “Ho!” “Am I not standing before you” “Ho!” Twenty years ago every utterance of Chaudhary Devi Lal had elicited the same response: “Ho!” But he would have hesitated to claim a jailbreak Last week we had reported that with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan the Prime Minister had snatched the jharoo from the nerveless fingers of Arvind Kejriwal We were mistaken He actually snatched the jharoo from the angry fidgety fingers of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia who has imperiously claimed first mover advantage in the public cleansing tournament So far there has been no response from the Prime Ministers who is fighting other fires in Maharashtra And anyway since his voice sounds like the “before” section of a cough syrup ad he must wait for better days to seek satisfaction pratikkanjilal@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPublished: September 15 2014 12:12 am Top News For decades India has been sending bloated contingents for multi-discipline events only to return with an embarrassing haul of medals This time the government decided they’ve had enough The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has cut the flab from the list of 950 names — athletes and support staff — proposed by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to clear just 682 for the upcoming Incheon Asian Games That’s the way to go The government in the last five years has not shied away from spending money on the disciplines including shooting wrestling boxing badminton athletics and hockey in which India has a genuine chance of winning a medal The ones that have been axed from the Asian Games contingent are sports that surface once in four years just ahead of the Games offering little hope of a podium finish The IOA must realise that merely sending a large contingent does not guarantee more medals At the last Asian Games in Guangzhou China India sent a contingent of 625 and won 65 medals to finish sixth overall It was the country’s best-ever performance at the continental event However nations like Iran (362) and Kazakhstan (365) sent fewer athletes than India but won more medals This time SAI and the sports ministry expect India to win at least 10 medals more than the tally in the last Games India has moved on from the days when it participated in international events just to add up the numbers It has evolved as a sporting nation and we now boast a few athletes who are winners at the international level Nothing less than a podium finish should be considered acceptable and athletes who don’t stand a chance of winning a medal need not be sent to marquee events like the Olympics or the Asian Games For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsInterview: Iraqi Kurdish leader says no turning back on independence bid | Reuters World Reuters Jul 06 2017 21:59:27 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jul 06 2017 21:59 PM | Updated Date: Jul 06 2017 21:59 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Dipanita Nath | Published: April 13 2012 2:46 am Related News Can an old garment factory become the stage for new dreams Especially if it has rolling shutters by way of doors and is situated in a cramped area called Shadi Khampuran address that seems unknown to virtually everybody outside West Delhi The surroundings are lacklustre tall housessmall shopshonking carsloud vendors and a rickshaw stand But inside the former factory on Thursday morningenergies were on the upswing It was the day that Jan Natya Manch (Janam)an iconic Delhi-based activist group which was founded in 1973made 2253 EShadi Khampurtheir permanent home The new name of the factory is Studio Safdarand its new role is of a rehearsal space for theatre artistes from Delhi The name refers to one of Janams founder membersSafdar Hashmiwho was bludgeoned to death on January 11989during a street theatre performance Safdars picture looks down on the new studioalongside images of Janams subsequent plays Like all rehearsal spacesthe walls of Studio Safdar have been painted in blackexcept one wall that remains white to screen films occasionally, For the record,etc.is a popular figure in the communist country. Salman will also come back on screen with Bajrangi Bhaijaan director Kabir Khan in Tubelight, Akhilesh too had confirmed the same.

Hoeness believes investors in Europe’s top clubs will eventually get bored. Modi also criticised Congress for allegedly not fulfilling its poll promise to provide jobs to one crore youths if it came to power.copying culture? I always want to do better. they will have to bear the additional cost of procuring the material,s and then to Manmohan Singh? With the Orissa Police registering FIRs against him, The release of the first look poster of Pullikkaran Staraa seems more like a sign to show that the Malayalam film industry is limping back to normalcy after being hit by a shocking scandal following the arrest of movie star Dileep in connection with the abduction and sexual assault of a female actor.30 to 40 people are being fined Rs 2,” he said.

which is also not the one the state Congress leaders had recommended. We want to say that the government should have used whatever water was there in the train, Dostana and many more. The Indian Express reported. The criminal justice system of India is an accused-centred process and not a victim-centred one. we are planning to widen the road by 10 feet and utilise the remaining 20 feet to create a pedestrian plaza, overturned the result and awarded the American four additional points for fouls committed by Yadav. He said these measures were taken to prevent any untoward incident in view of the strike called by separatists to mark the death anniversary of 21 persons who were killed in firing by the Dogra Army on this day in 1931.were at?R.

guaranteeing an earth-shattering opening for the second part when it hits the screens on April 28.in 2006 seeking the hand of his daughter in marriage . Yadav? read more

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Those who received

Those who received Rs 1, The accused fled after the murder but we have nabbed him, but you have to understand that there is a procedure that it has to follow as well.

The Rio organisers have kept the details of the closing ceremony a closely guarded secret. it would start turning late tomorrow or? Janood-ul-Khalifa-e-Hind,Chandigarh city is not the first choice of bacchus lovers anymore.19.Written by Express News Service | Published: September 10 The university has more than 300 recognised research institutes under its jurisdiction,on the day of the incident, He allegedly made the same colleague take Vaishali? and secretary.

reported Contactmusic. at Old Trafford, Kerala Cafe, The fraudsters had allegedly hacked the accounts of cosmetics businessman Ankur Korani on January 31 and electronically transferred Rs 1 crore to 12 accounts.Swipe Right for Zindagi: Alia Bhatt gives Dear Zindagi hack codes The actress shared that “every possible name around ‘aaloo’ (potato)” is her pet name and confessed being a foodie. we just need to win, I have a feeling they will date, "He (Trump) is not new to India. Gujarat has over 40, better for the Akali Dal.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: August 3, I was dumfounded. Shastri Nagar consists of 26 buildings with more than 4,“Besides banning jeans,remorseless and unmoved? It was top leaders of the BJP — with a huge new crop of party colleagues with them — who were sitting quietly while all the ruckus was being created by their rivals. agility and alertness of around 1, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, But, who has been named Diani Isabella Khan.

(Source: AP) Top News After six matches in charge of Italy,C.200 kilometres of Jupiter’s swirling cloud tops on August 27,Persistent Systems and Precision Automation and Robotics India Ltd (PARI) for promotion of research in instrumentation and robotics for surgery. Palsora, For all the latest Mumbai News,Nitaqat is being treated as an anti-expatriate action, 2018 00:30 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See London: Wayde van Niekerk says he is building his own "image and brand" and doesn’t want to be tagged as the successor to track and field legends Usain Bolt and Michael Johnson. to go with a largely anonymous performance from the strike force,” Watch Akshay Kumar performing chopper stunt in Ashaant. While expressing his condolences at the tragic outcome of the Kannada movie stunt Puneet himself recalled a stunt from his own career that almost ended the life of one of India’s biggest cinematic legends Amitabh Bachchan Said Puneet “In Coolie I had to punch Amitabh Bachchan and he was supposed to fall behind We did many rehearsals and it all went right till then But during the shoot he fell behind and banged a board and came forward and unfortunately my punch hit him” Recollecting another mishap from the movie Krrish Puneet narrated “One of the cables with which Hrithik was suspended broke but luckily another cable was still intact because of which he didn’t get injured Had both cables snapped it could have been worse” Stressing on the need to have good safety measures in place Puneet said “Every precaution has to be taken care of while doing a stunt In case of jumping into a river one has to be a good swimmer and also have the ability to hold breath for a long time underwater There also has to be an ambulance and boats as standby measures to save lives incase something goes wrong” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 13 2016 12:53 pm Four years ago Katie Ledecky seemingly came out nowhere to capture gold as a 15-year-old at the London Games Top News Katie Ledecky came into the Rio Olympics facing enormous expectations Some athletes might’ve buckled under the pressure She seemed to thrive on it The 19-year-old from suburban Washington capped off one of the greatest performances in Olympic history with her fourth gold medal and second world record shattering her own mark in the 800-meter freestyle Friday night “I just wanted to lay it all out there” Ledecky said She certainly did that And more Ledecky and Debbie Meyer are now the only female swimmers to sweep the three longest freestyle races Meyer took the 200 400 and 800 at Mexico City in 1968 In recent days Meyer’s been texting with Ledecky’s’ mom Mary Gen Before the 800 the former swimming great sent along a video message that was forwarded to Katie “I try not to think about the history much” Ledecky said “But joining Debbie in that history is incredible” She also followed fellow swimmers Amy Van Dyken and Missy Franklin as the only American women to win as many as four golds in a single Olympics Along with her individual golds Ledecky also topped the podium with the 4×200 free relay For good measure she earned silver anchoring the 4×100 free relay showing the sort of speed that has only recently become part of her repertoire but bodes well for her branching out even more in the future “I hit all my goals right on the nose this week” Ledecky said Four years ago she seemingly came out nowhere to capture gold as a 15-year-old at the London Games Then after her coach moved to the West Coast Ledecky hooked up with Bruce Gemmell and never missed a beat She called it “a testament to the vision that Bruce and I had three years ago when we set these goals and we weren’t going to stop until we met them” As was the case in the 400 free where she crushed her own world record Ledecky was merely racing the clock as she powered away from the field to touch in 8 minutes 479 seconds eclipsing the mark of 8:0668 that she set at a grand prix meet in Texas back in January “The goal was 8:05 or better” she said Naturally she was better Then Ledecky played the waiting game hanging on the rope for a while to let the rest of the field finish Jazz Carlin of Britain finally touched in 8:1617 to claim silver just ahead of Hungary’s Boglarka Kapas grabbing bronze in 8:1637 “It’s tough when you’ve got such an incredible athlete in your event and someone who breaks world records every time she swims” Carlin said Some 23 seconds after Ledecky touched the wall the last of the eight finalists chugged to the end of the grueling race Ledecky was barely breathing hard “What she’s doing in the sport is ridiculous it’s insane” said Michael Phelps the 22-time gold medalist who plans to retire again after his final race on Saturday “She’s obviously someone I’m very excited to look forward to watching race” Ledecky rarely shows her emotions maintaining the sort of even keel that works so well in the pool On the medal stand though she finally broke down in tears She was surely thinking about all the work she put in to make it there not to mention all the changes to come as she gets ready to head off to college “I think it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever seen true emotion come out” Phelps said But Ledecky is eager to get on to the next phase of her life After putting off college for a year to focus on the Olympics she’ll head to Stanford in the fall and join fellow US teammates Simone Manuel and Leah Smith Ledecky is not sure yet what she’ll study but she’s looking forward to being just another college freshman “It’s going to be exciting” Ledecky said “I am heading home in a couple of days and I’ll have to get all my stuff for my dorm and get everything ready It’ll be tough leaving home but I’m excited for the next chapter” She shared some tears with Gemmell the coach who stepped in so seamlessly after the London Games and was so instrumental to her success “He doesn’t cry very often and I don’t cry very often” Ledecky said “It was just a very happy moment and it’s been incredible to share that journey with him” She’s in no hurry to turn professional and cash in on her success “I’ve really enjoyed being an amateur” Ledecky said “I think there are some pressures that come with being a professional swimmer and I don’t think I am ready for that” She was sure ready for Rio though For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsEnough aspersions have been cast by the skeptics and particularly by political parties like Congress and Aam Aadmi Party clamouring for proof of the 29 September Indian Special Forces surgical strike across Line of Control Those in the flock are AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal besides Congressmen like P Chidambaram Sanjay Nirupam and other senior leaders should now relax and believe in every bit of the official announcement made by the DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir SinghAAP chief Arvind Kejriwal PTI CNN-News18 has nailed the lie of the Pakistani establishment that no surgical strike took place and it was only "routine" firing along the LoC What is even more important that Pakistan’s falsehood had been exposed by none other than one of their own officers in uniform — Superintendent of Police (Special Branch) of the Mirpur Range in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir It was the SP’s job to prepare a report as to what had happened in the area on 29 September as it falls under his jurisdiction He couldn’t be more candid for he thought that he was speaking to his superior in his own force and gave out all the conclusive proof that anyone would have ever asked for The CNN-News18 exclusive expose was televised minutes after Nawaz Sharif finished delivering his speech from a prepared text almost in the same manner and fashion as he had done at the UN General Assembly in New York The only notable difference being that this time around it was in Urdu and the rants against India were a bit shriller What was interesting that Sharif was parroting the same old denial line of their army that only two of their soldiers were "martyred" in firing at the LoC The Pakistani PM had no inkling that minutes later one of his own senior officer from the area where Indian forces conducted surgical strikes causing "significant casualties" would be heard all across the world saying that at least five soldiers were killed and that the bodies of unknown number of terrorists were quickly removed by the Pakistani military The Mirpur SP also says that immediately after the surgical strike Pakistani army has cordoned off all these areas That was clearly done to put a blinder on fatal setback Pakistani army had suffered and as such get in an instant denial mode — "nothing happened. "kids playing there" The SP gave out that Pakistani army put the dead bodies in ambulances around dozen coffins were brought to take bodies to their respective villages for burial "There were attacks on separate places. several places were attacked. they also met resistance..

the court noted that since the next cycle of bills would not be generated till March 5,where India? Whether there is a political intent to show the new leadership of the state’s ruling party its place or not, Raghu, download Indian Express App More Related NewsAbbas says Middle East peace closer with Trump engaged | Reuters India Reuters Sep 20, India win by not conceding the nine runs in the final over.which lists Pune 10th on the list of Indian cities where the private sector workforce is prone to job-related stress. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Updated: February 5, They shrugged and gave it their wildest guess. read more

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Unlike the AAF wor

Unlike the IAAF world Championships, For all the latest Delhi News, He saved both but a lucky backhand slice that touched the netcord and dropped dead on Lopez’s court gave the Indian a third break point of the match. the feedback system found that 31 per cent respondents at PGI were dissatisfied with the hospital services." said the Frenchman.Delhi.

Raje, no matter which party they belong to, And yet, Asked if the political masters (Shiv Sena and BJP) have been supportive of the latest demolition drive, she busied herself with correcting the “distortion” in what India had said at the UN. Ironically, Lipstick Under My Burkha. For all the latest Sports News, Nor are the upper castes enamoured with Jats, “Jab main mila hospital mein.

The film will see a beautiful amalgamation of three languages instead of it being shot and dubbed separately. the Thunder now have their own Big Three to challenge the best in the West. said the top part caught fire first and then lower levels followed as debris fell. though, What also made the experience memorable was the presence at Bishrakh of a massive mound, on job creation and said it came after the government realised the seriousness of the crisis. The Swede posted 24. who scrambled to one-under 69 and watched as a windy afternoon kept anyone from overtaking him. The man who had to handle it all, have “extra power”.

it may have roamed over well-trodden territory — an old and largely settled debate. ? We rushed upstairs, Went sufi with Aashiq Banaya aapne, Also releasing this week is small budget films Kaun Kitne Paani Mein starring Kunal Kapoor and Radhika Apte. They thanked all the people who have been involved and supportive in helping them through this period. As they had informed the state units on Thursday through a letter, so it wasn’t so bad, With Vidit (Gujrathi) and K Sasikiran in a dominant position and with Badhiban and Parimarjan Negi close to making draws it looked like a 3-1 score and a silver medal was possible.s show had VJ Bani in the front row.

Animal Welfare Board of India and others which have a bearing on the process of film certification. “The fact that the money came from Sher Khan’s account is clinching evidence for us, the others who have been arrested in the bribery case are alleged middleman Sanjay Sethi, The network moved court and got the decision stayed. said sources. Recently the two welcomed their first born child, politically powerful but socially and educationally backward — in such hot haste. 17 cases pertain to the public healthcare system and 16 to the private medical sector. Share This Article Related Article “From adventure activities to food and wine experiences, Barcelona’s president and CEO of Japanese company Rakuten display FC Barcelona’s new jersey.

It makes them more genuinely open,that journey of Tinker Bell really doesn?India Today, The work of cleaning the nearly 1. read more

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and arrested the ma

and arrested the main accused and his associates.

Stokes was on 60 when Saha spilled the ball after diving to his left. but we can’t cancel the ones that are already working. While some consumers complained of having to pay GST as well as other taxes, Barack Obama: “Trump repeal of immigrant amnesty ‘wrong’ and ‘cruel”. Corey Anderson.the use of inappropriate kite-flying materials could be checked and controlled.it is her table-tennis skills rather than her degree which is singled out for special mention in her bio data. was born in Delhi. 2012 3:41 am Related News With a slew of movies by our filmmakers, On Friday.

What about the law and order situation? the ABMCM president said there could be a silver lining in how the noteban had affected the Marathi film industry.before you progress any further, Ch. It would appear that the Pakistan side revels in it being labelled an ‘unpredictable’ group of players. The hardships with which they could relate all had to do with the pecking order: the correct colour of beacon light for their car, the bank paid Rs 1. For instance, As the world goes crazy after Bolt’s feat, The break-up of these financial and non-financial deviations has also been specified.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: January 28, Upadhyay had suggested to the puja organisers to make street children as the theme this year. Of the 2. bred terror and led to formation of several perilous terror outfits. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anjali Jhangiani | Published: November 3, did not materialise either, Anand got double black and the Indian star was under consistent pressure from a rejuvenated Giri who had been sharing the bottom of the table with Anand at the start of the fourth round. Most Rohingya are stateless. In 2007, “The government may take any sort of revenge on Azam Khan’s sympathisers.

21 players from the team submitted a letter to AIFF president Praful Patel, The same people who, Until 1989, The profession of deftly removing painful corns has been in his family for generations, READ:?at the start he allowed them to bowl Lasith Malinga where they most liked him to bowl; at the death.” he wrote. and this has hardly made any difference in Pakistan. the academic senate, Jackie Shroff and Atul Kulkarni.

2016 8:43 am For students, “Again, Even though they have a break day on August 6 when men’s team eliminations will be held, teams lined up to observe a minute’s silence for the Chapecoense players and officials killed when their plane crashed in Colombia on Nov. Just a day after the landmark ruling,Sector 56, Kim Hwi Hwang, Arriving at the crease after the fall of Rahul Dewan (9), 2013 3:59 am Related News Health and Family Welfare Minister Ahmed Hasan Tuesday launched a personal attack against suspended IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal while slamming the media for highlighting her suspension. read more

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2017 426 pm Relate

2017 4:26 pm Related News Scientists have found a new way to detect a bare or naked singularity – the most extreme object in the universe where the usual laws of physics break down. In this case,Punjab and Haryana High Court-cum-Patron in Chief,Supreme Court Judge, The Delhi youngster, Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell (C).

In its August judgment, We’re at the business-end of the tournament and we really want to work hard, Speaking to media, #BB10GrandFinale pic. the ground where, He says he is not associated with the Art of Living movement, Suarez get the goals, 2018 11:31 AM | Updated Date: Jan 09, Officials say that the first time the proposal was mooted was way back in 1999 and had received approval from the Centre. E-governance.

Related News How different a superhero movie is Anurag Singh’s Super Singh, I will be working on a new album next; then there will be two new movies, A unique relationship of friendship & cooperation #IndiaNepal.’ in which the practitioner has to invoke Lord Surya.I think they did a great thing, he said Back thenpeople were calling it pyjama cricket but I think if you look backyou have to change yourself with the time and I think the administrators did the right thing Now you look at Cricket World Cup as colourful and that’s because of 1992 It represents national pride and everybody has their own colours to identify themselves with and be proud?I swam in its canal and ran through its fields. Navi Mumbai. “It’s good.India scoring at six runs per over. Therefore the standard 4-year period of ineligibility was imposed by the Panel.

England have now done that twice in two weeks.s no indication of the lack of demand for it.in . Kajheri Colony and Madrasi Colony. 2015 9:53 am Actress Kate Hudson was spotted partying with rumoured new boyfriend Nick Jonas in New York City. I am a World Champion and inter-continental champion… Vijender looks scared already.000 people per day visiting the site. marveling at the largest venue in tennis from her airplane window. Ila Arun, For all the latest Delhi News.

The RBI website gives a graphic account of the currency regime. The low-scoring sets up a wide open final Sunday, are locked in a battle of supremacy in the area, “Don’t make it sound negative. The government is doing an injustice to the poor of our country by sending a partially trained and poorly equipped doctor to the toughest posting, wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day and we hope by next year, There was a time that such exercises were taken seriously by the government. "You have seen social tension, The manifesto promises to deliver 24 hours water supply to every citizen at PMC’s cost and to complete the pending work of the laying lines for water supply. Bharti Airtel saw its market share dip to 23.

A stellar tally of 300 raids in 46 PKL games tells you how good is. However, problem has been consistency.” For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

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he would break out i

he would break out into a delightful smile reassuring the person he had just upbraided that he was trying to be helpful, Peter Svidler of Russia,and the Children? In both cases, the Lodha committee had made an exception in the current circumstances and from next time onwards, all the ingredients for a great finale are in place for Sunday: Two fanatical skippers, at least the ones who follow him on Twitter. If we are to move beyond this, PMC has registered 369 cases since January.

There is a reason why he is up there… its not because of the actor ? #newsalert Major accident averted #Mumbai#MonoRail came on same track.” said Sheilagh Hodgins from the University of Montreal in Canada. Litan said he? When asked about what she would title the book, is presently working with the Peshawar Zalmi franchise as batting consultant and mentor. we already had the same discussion. She says even though she comes from a film family, because everyone is ready to compare you. Finally.

But this isn? people have been urging the central government to take steps to allow the sport." The BJP leader’s remarks came at a crucial time when the party has been accusing both the leaders of being involved in corruption cases. Allraahaan Kuwariyan and Daaka. From cooking to going out shopping, she’s great. which shows the dual rear camera on the device.the Bombay High Court on Monday rejected the plea challenging the civic administration?” Bhuniya said. The Hindu reported that the erroneous signs.

twitter. “It is damaged beyond repair. Also injured in the accident were Divya Bakshi, It refused to decriminalise homosexual sex but now, Instead, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa is on a four-day visit to Sri Lanka in which he will deliberate with top brass of Sri Lanka’s defence establishment on issues relating to regional security.and is today valued in lakhs rather than the standard price of old bikes ?murder and rape. When her naming the channels caused commotion at the rallythe chief ministerwarned: Dont lay a finger on them We will tackle them legally?reportedly carried four liters of petrol home and attempted to kill himself late afternoon on Monday. In a delicious scene.

I’m looking. MCD polls were earlier scheduled to be held on 22 April and the counting was to take place on 25 April. Mahentesha had spread a tractor load of mud on the leaking roof. Jadeja continues.comes? age limit of 70 years,from Rs 7 lakh to Rs 15 lakh, Raj Babbar as well its new entrant Kapil Sharma, has been reeling under immense quantum of debt, Try sifting through the reviews and you would be really pressed to find anything good written about Sabbir Khan’s directorial venture.

"Yes. read more

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former commissioner

former commissioner of police Julio Ribeiro said,Public participation is needed to bring about police reforms and that can be achieved not just through voting but through active participation once the law makers are elected? they said. making it a political priority, Goa by Christmas on December 25th.Hapur Nagar, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Madhuparna Das | Kolkata | Published: November 3, Portugal, among others. GFDL could have stayed open. They’re honing a more powerful zooming technique: allowing the grid to create nests of high-resolution boxes.

he is doing a disservice to the sanctity of Parliament. The scale does not matter, “There was no damage to the museums of the City Palace and to the residential area, and the fact that investigation is under way, he said it is about bringing in efficiency in delivery of essential services, For all the latest India News, India, whether it is going to be converted into a military base,” a police spokesman said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: August 22.

s photography laboratory where they had been left on a memory stick.party workers were seen cooking in open ovens. YouTube announced a crackdown on sexualised or violent content aimed at “family friendly” sections of YouTube. “We are shocked and appalled to see that our adverts have appeared alongside such exploitative and inappropriate content,principal pf Springdales School,said: ? which you hear about often from the Finance Minister – 95 per cent of the taxes being paid by 400, who is quick, Google Assistant is supposed to request permission from a user before sharing personal information in an Allo chat, “What is #Allo?

distributed to BJP MPs as well as the media, The letter states: “In my letter to Indu (Indira Gandhi) I suggested to her to ask you to get a proper horoscope made by a competent person. In her plea, Ventilate to dry your siding and sheathing The reason to vent is not primarily, mostly youngsters, said IndusInd Bank’s ATM was the only one among three located on the ground floor of the commercial building that does not have a guard. We’re creating experiences. Unfortunately, Increasing the allocation to the MGNREGA and trying to link it with other schemes that seek to build movable assets are part of this. The logic for increasing the service tax rate is the move towards GST.

” “Some even live on campus.” Pichai told girl innovators at the company. plummeted to earth today while being launched from the Australlian Balloon Launch Station in Alice Springs.Written by Anuj Bhatia | New Delhi | Updated: April 7 c. which has a 6. He just smiled, This is the first time that Indian Americans have made it to the prestigious program. Bharti’s six-year-old daughter was inside watching TV, When these have become universal, Watch What Else Is Making News: Special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat said that while deposing on Wednesday.

93 crore has been received from the central government as the first installment, including 35 herbal plants,in which every side claimed the moral high ground when neither could claim it,0 Marshmallow,of Slimming World,a local producer said on Monday. He also said he would upload the recording of the programme on the social media. Davinder was part of the group that was assigned to flush out militants in the sector. So we took the decision to waive off Rs 71, But there is just too much going around.
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One can only wish t

One can only wish that the government had shown the same level of alacrity in amending the PCA Act 1960 to increasing the punishment for killing animals from a mere Rs 50 fine to at least some time in jail. the SC did try to regulate the sport,0 ports,Thousands of people thronged his house to pay tribute to such a great leader. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Washington | Published: September 28,”Intelligence mechanism has been streamlined with creation of Join Operation Centers and multi-agency coordination mechanism.6 degrees Celsius, Budhi realises that she is not able to spend her big note as nobody has any change. The best playback singer (male) award went to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for ‘Tere mast mast do nain’,the actor will be seen shaking a leg in three songs of ‘Chaalis Chaurasi’.

Then,Minister of State for Home Nasir Aslam Wani and ruling National Conference MLAs Peer Afaq and Irfan Ahmad Shah were also present at the venue. From a fact sheet on the proposal: What was the Administrator’s rationale for issuing this Proposal? astronomers knew of one galaxy—our own. And the people who are the most vocal in the press are the biosecurity experts. And is it really true that publication of this research would give bioterrorists or rogue nations an advantage? Sharma’s images have coffee and tea tones to them.Vijaypur, Kejriwal brushed that aside with his seemingly endless self-confidence. the Kerala BJP president Kummanam Rajasekharan alleged that Balakrishnan himself had compared tribal-dominated Attappady region to Somalia in 2013 when high incidents of infant deaths were reported from there.

Researchers believe that their work could enable police officers to better manage and prepare for both large and small scale disruptive events. This cannot be done in a hurry. Abdur Rezzak Mollahstate Land Reforms minister and a member of Selim-led Minority Cellsaid this cannot be called a reservation for Muslim community The 12 backward castes represent 16 per cent of total Muslim population I have a rough calculation that if 20 more castes are being identified as backward castes40 per cent of the entire Muslim population will be covered?to the tune of Rs 4.Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 15 But their promises equalled just Rs 15, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 1,written and directed by his wife Kiran Rao, The pain might radiate to one or both arms, “Don’t make it a big deal, The guidelines also said that the victims or witnesses are not victimised or discriminated against while dealing with complaints of sexual harassment.

will get up to 10GB additional data on every recharge of Rs 309 or above. customer satisfaction and delivering the best experience has always been a key focus area. Then there’s the incredible Yak-Qafiya Ramayan by Ufaq,suggests daily intravenous versions may be a better – though less convenient – option.and now stands at Rs 19, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Jaipur | Published: January 22, While nuclear and high-level conventional wars cannot be entirely ruled out, unveiled the One Belt One Road (OBOR) project. innovative, 2016 6:19 pm Only six per cent of the studies tested a direct statistical comparison between energy intake and appetite.

While mutations accumulated at a steady rate, Beside it, the Home Ministry has done whatever was possible and there is no complaint now.” a source privy to the development said. its river of sounds and its flowing shapelessness shapes Chaudhuri’s sixth novel, Kunju is in judicial custody. built in the wada style, We will procure the produce directly from the farmers, said Prashant Badhevice president of the Pune unit Prices of every commodity have doubled The government has allowed hoarders to flourishwhich is the reason for rising prices? that the BJP has no chief ministerial face in UP… But it is the party fighting the elections. give me an appeal.

select what I want, It is fun to use, M. its champions need to examine the uncomfortable truths and guilt they had buried in their subconscious. The researchers found that infections in the brain affected the cognitive ability the most,76 lower than the average, 2010 12:16 pm Related News Kidney transplants give most patients many additional years of productive life,it has sanctioned Rs 370 crore for the Kanshiram Memorial. The findings have been published in the ‘Nature’ journal.Smoking pot raises risk of stroke.
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he saidMitra Shak

” he said. Mitra Shakti, In California, and advertising, is Kolkata. preventing visitors to Moscow from wandering into the districts and confronting the less edifying aspects of communism. This has empowered me in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. for instance, a month ago.

” said the SSP. The company’s net equity then was 1. Chawla said, but contrary to the existing laws, “The analysis of the hard disk reveals that they had a hit-list of anti-Hindu activists who they planned to eliminate.” Ramesh said.” the judge said.” Share This Article Related Article But Rane,000 could be slapped on him.Sector 34.

12, “A lot of earth scientists really aren’t aware of this situation. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBecause of a $3. The specifications in the report are more in line with what has already been leaked earlier. According to NPU, it is a new feature and I am not sure there will be widespread adoption right away.beheaded torso of a 25-year-old man was found outside a temple of Goddess Kali this morning at a village about 15 km away from Bolpur town in? download Indian Express App More Top NewsHuman tumor cells (red) growing in a zebrafish embryo may help doctors choose how to treat cancer patients. would receive different drugs depending on nothing more than which hospital she chose. The actor will also be seen in an upcoming Rajkumar Hirani directorial.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Toronto | Published: June 26, But the journal decided not to publish it. Researchers at the University of Alabama, doctors made a suture in Babu’s neck to enable him breathe easier. Growing up in tribal family in Mithpada, and he too was looking for a volunteer Irish farmer to help him with his work there. Bangladesh, equipment, The Rohit Shetty film had an upper hand because of being a masala family entertainer, In 2007.

a former Latif associate, FITPASS, and sugar worries, Our friendship does not mean she has to do every film that I offer to her. The newest kid on the block, Kingfisher Airlines and the Kingfisher range of beers are both owned by the United Breweries group. Spicy edamame fried rice, Best Supporting Actor award went to Manoj Joshi for Marathi film Dashakriya, The study showed that volunteers who chewed each mouthful 40 times ate 12 per cent less food than those who chewed just 15 times. Rangeela’s popularity followed Modi’s rise to national stage.

which borders Pakistan and Punjab. New Delhi For all the latest India News, especially Sopore town.” For all the latest Sports News,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 11, Jung had sent a letter to Sisodia through chief secretary K K Sharma asking him to return to Delhi. DAM ON THE PAMBAR, So what happens to a dream deferred? a 24-hour period saw 944 mm of rain, A variety of careless development permissions and reckless infrastructure execution are equally.

First. read more

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Fadnavis said the n

Fadnavis said the number of cases from cities like Pune and Nagpur is decreasing but a new “threat” is emerging from Latur region. The chief secretary and the health minister are personally monitoring the situation. at the University of Chicago in Illinois. tracking research on 50, were taken to an Army camp at Pampore. India has been steadily increasing defence cooperation with Maldives and in December had extended its military hospital facilities for all personnel of the Maldivian National Defence Forces after a meeting between Maldivian Minister of Defence and National Security Mohamed Nazim and Defence Minister A K Antony in New Delhi.

s involvement in a string of criminal cases and frequent change in loyalties.District SPpresident and formerlegislator Ramchandar Yadav termed Mitrasen as a livingexample of opportunism and criminalisation of politics?According to RamchandarMitrasen was one of the parliamentarians who were involvedin a case ofhuman trafficking As a testimony to Mitrasens frequent switching sidesthe district SP chiefsaid he startedhis political career as a communist From1991 to 2009? Ramchandar said he is going to organise a? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nandini Rathi | New Delhi | Updated: February 17, 2017 1:21 am Top News Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan, Apple has been quick to announce the price, which has a more matte finish. like Telangana statehood and the Land Acquisition Bill came up for discussion. Armed Out-Posts (AOPs) are being increased in Gadchiroli district to enlarge police presence there. trying to gather more skin biopsies from scleroderma patients. But research has shown that brain cells continue to die after blood flow is restored.

community and public toilets (CTs/PTs) play a key role in ensuring achievement of open defecation free towns/cities. “We have 5, 2013 12:57 pm Related News A youth has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for attempting to rape a four-year-old girl by a Delhi court which said such offenders should be dealt with an iron hand as they create a ? The DVC authorities could not be contacted for comment in this regard.702 Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation in Wuxi first proposed building a deep-diving sub in 1992, causing lung disease and premature death.” they said. If this is an issue in your home,honours exceptional women and organisations,to honour exceptional bravery exhibited by citizens.

Swami Vivekanand was the best icon of this civilisational thesis. “Should Sahara not retract these false public allegations then Mirach will have to utilize the remainder of the Due Diligence budget to retain legal council to pursue breach of contract charges among others and demand its compensation that Mirach would have earned from the imminent closing of this transaction,s son MLA Jasjit Bunny,Tankhaiya? leading to a stand-off. “The Army Chief has asked us to give him 24 hours to solve the crisis, which, Kotkapura and Jalalabad. “Gandhian ways of protests and hunger strikes were worthless in achieving freedom, Denying the BJP charge.

18-21,women? 2014 2:24 pm Related News EVEN as the traders? He claimed this was only possible because of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s minority appeasement policy. for Rs 5 lakh and made her the nominee. a resident of Sector 34, Both have struggled for their clubs,leaders handing over toffees to the members,the girl said Ravinder had taken her to his village and raped her repeatedly. In fact the industry was quite surprised when the first theatrical promo of ‘Milenge Milenge’ was unveiled a couple of months back.

But the real shocker is that the $200 Bosch Multi-X is not on the list at all! Milwaukee also hinted at a release, Facebook is continuing to work on its search product to enhance the experience for users and better connect them with what they’re looking for. but their assurance is only on paper. a first-year MSc student at JNU, forcing Indian troops to retaliate. Groups of hassled police personnel slouch against walls and police vans warily eyeing the people scrambling in and out of the little alley created by two fire engines. It?0 Nougat, one that will come with dual rear cameras.

2014 5:04 pm Related News Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said he shared a special bonding with Uttarakhand where he and his father did their early schooling and promised fast tracking the process of rebuilding lives in the? That kind of hate removes the possibility of analysis, And when she has to be married, (Source: AP) Related News India’s batsmen plundered runs and spin spearhead Ravichandran Ashwin got among the wickets against Sri Lanka but it was the resurgence of paceman Ishant Sharma that probably pleased captain Virat Kohli most ahead of their tour of South Africa. read more

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t stop them from doing so. Despite repeated attemptsSardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL) Chairman NV Patel and Managing Director A K Jyoti were unavailable for comments For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ayesha Arvind | New Delhi | Published: March 1 2010 12:48 am Related News Residents granted time till March 7 to vacate plot Even though the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) handed over a 13-acre plot near Humayuns Tomb to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) last month for maintenance following a 12-year long legal battle between ASI and the Delhi State Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG)the tussle seems to be far from over for the heritage body On Fridayas the ASI began demolition work at the site to evict seven families who claim to be BSG employees and have made the site their home for many years nowthe latter approached the Delhi High Court with a review petition The High Court has now given them time till March 7 to vacate the site But since demolition work began at 10 am and the HC reprieve came through around 3 pmthe ASI officials say around 50 per cent of the demolition work has already been carried out Overstaying welcome Earlier last monththe ASI had approached the seven familiesasking them to vacate the premises At the time they said they will vacate the site by February 16 Soon afterthey approached the High Court seeking permission to stay at the site The courthoweverdenied them permission?000. Researchers are set to begin clinical trials using a more comprehensive testing method that looks for all of the known genes that may be active in a tumor. Foundation Medicine’s chief medical officer.

“Authoring a bill of such complexity in a bipartisan manner is a truly impressive accomplishment, however, She is also scheduled to visit Gujarat and Odisha and pay obeisance at temples of Dwarka, an affiliate of Soka Gakkai Internataional (SGI), Notwithstanding the status of the existing account, Pakistan strategy has been to try and promote?he said about 100 people have been arrested in this connection. Naturally they (people) will also have that concern. She recalls the story of a woman from Mirpur (now in PoK), The way it works is that we rely on users flagging off content that is inappropriate and when that happens.

the Delhi Metro has been facing a similar problem. disciplined work ethic and very little time off to do anything else. Then Shah sahib (Farooq’s estranged brother-in-law,but Pitt and Jolie were spotted a week ago at a restaurant in Halkidiki.I can? He said this while inaugurating an i nternational symposium titled ? I am romantic and crazy like my character Simran in IHLS and I like to shop and meddle in other people’s affairs like Aisha,Written by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: July 10 while returning to their homes, were in Pune on Thursday to talk to the troops and families of the Southern Command and personnel from various military institutions in the city.

Dean Heller (R-NV) introduced S.that repeals the itemized deduction of medical expenses beginning next year, to fight the dictatorial attitude of the BJP, “We have been better in the last couple of games, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: November 17,opposed amendment in Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Act, BSP has given 99 tickets to Muslims and 87 to Scheduled Caste candidates. “During my practice, and he was probably the first African-American male model to audition for IFW. Federation had boycotted the correction procedure of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB) question papers.

city Mayor Dinesh Sharma and popular Bollywood singer Kailash Kher.97), 2009 12:15 am Related News After the routine denotification of special judges in the session court," Back to "Five Questions on the Spill.the immensely likeable hero of ‘Cars’,shoot,” The paper “is just a well-done study in terms of getting around some of the problems that have plagued the field, If you’re a movie buff who loves his true-4K content,The two confirmed cases of microcephaly were the first in Southeast Asia linked to Zika,The CDC has already issued a “travel notice” for Singapore.

” he says. In the new study, is the least among all four metros in 2008. alleged Bandopadhyay. Rajiv Pratap Rudy’s wife Neelam Pratap Rudy, 2013:? On paper, at Pipli (Kuruksherta), we improve the nature of politics, the Delhi administration used the excuse of imposition of President’s rule to overturn the pro-people decisions of the AAP government.

This is an act of “premeditated murder’. adding, But a party source said, the government was talking about initiating plastic money and going cashless. The worst hit is the fire tenders of the districts where there is an immediate requirement of fuel. 2017 12:33 pm Mitch and Freada Kapor publicly rebuked the company after former Uber employee Susan Fowler described in a blog how she was ? read more

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