Two separate piles Saskatchewan inquests allow for Indigenous jury pools

first_imgA lawyer helping the family of a young Cree man shot and killed by a Saskatchewan farmer left a different courthouse this week with an idea about how Canada’s jury system could be improved.Chris Murphy is part of a coroner’s inquest examining the death of an Indigenous man who died following a police chase in Saskatoon.Some provinces have fatality inquiries headed by provincial court judges. But others — including Saskatchewan, Ontario and British Columbia — have coroner inquests with juries.And in Saskatchewan, if a deceased is Indigenous, a coroner’s jury is often part Aboriginal too.“I felt that we had been engaged in a very fair process,” Murphy said.“They had literally two separate piles from which names were randomly drawn and we alternated between Indigenous and non-Indigenous jurors.”In January, Murphy watched as a jury with no visibly Indigenous members was selected for the murder trial of white farmer Gerald Stanley in the death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie.Of 45 potential jurors selected at random, five appeared to be Indigenous, Murphy said. They were rejected by Stanley’s lawyer through peremptory challenges, which can be made without having to give a reason.“I walked away … firmly believing that the justice system has got to change,” Murphy said. “Allowing that process to happen is, in my view, state-sanctioned discrimination.”The jury found Stanley not guilty. Accusations of racism followed, as well as calls to end peremptory challenges and for more Indigenous representation on juries.Jordan Lafond, 21, was in a stolen truck being chased by Saskatoon police when it crashed. Media have reported that officers found Lafond under the truck, but he resisted arrest and an officer used a knee to subdue him. He later died in hospital.Murphy is representing Lafond’s family at the inquest. He said lawyers agreed that at least three of the jury’s six members should be Indigenous. They were able to ask potential jurors about whether they would be comfortable on a jury, could come up with recommendations and had any possible bias.The selected jurors were told to return to court when the inquest resumes in June.Potential jurors are similarly questioned for inquests in other provinces, but qualifying them by race may be unique to Saskatchewan.The province amended legislation in 1999 to allow its chief coroner to request a jury be “composed, wholly or in part, of people from a specific racial or cultural group.”The Justice Ministry said in an email that the provision is commonly used and puts juries in a better position to understand the deceased’s circumstances.Murphy said there’s no constitutional reason why the same approach couldn’t be used in criminal courts where an accused is supposed to be judged by peers. Indigenous people have high incarceration rates yet low representation on juries.Nicholas Stooshinoff, president of the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association, said he believes Canada’s justice system is the finest in the world and doesn’t need an overhaul because of “knee-jerk” reactions to the Stanley verdict.He said he recently met with Indigenous clients who live in the same area as Stanley and they agree with the acquittal.“I have not seen any evidence or any indication that an all-First-Nations jury would not have come to the same conclusion,” Stooshinoff said. “There is an assumption among some individuals, politicians included, that this man was acquitted because of racism on the part of the jury.“I find that very disturbing. And it really does not do anything to enhance the quality of our judicial system.”last_img read more

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Travellers complain about rude disrespectful Canadian border officers

first_imgThe Canada Border Services Agency faced more than 100 founded complaints from travellers last year, including allegations of racism and rudeness — and one instance of a woman alleging a border officer yelled at her while she was in medical distress.Data provided to The Canadian Press through access to information legislation says that in 2017-18 these were among the 105 “founded” cases of complaints of officer misconduct — about 12 per cent of 875 misconduct complaints filed in that time.The total number of complaints through the CBSA’s online “Compliments, Comments and Complaints” website remains a tiny fraction of the 95 million travellers seen by officers in the past year.Nonetheless, civil liberties groups say the latest collection of incidents shows that Canada needs an independent complaints agency similar to those used to oversee police forces that can produce public reports and make binding recommendations to the agency.As it stands, the definition of “founded” provided by the agency says that “aspects in the allegations made in the complaint were valid.”Tim McSorley, the national co-ordinator of the Toronto-based International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, says the definition is far too vague to help lead to changes within the agency’s culture or for the public to be properly informed.Nonetheless, he says the limited information shows cause for concern, particularly the allegations of racism, questioning of travellers’ nationality, and name calling.“It shows that the majority of complaints are around respect or disrespect for travellers. …For us, in particular, the incidents of racism (from border officers) are something in our work we’ve heard more about whether from Canadian citizens, or travellers from abroad,” he said during an interview.The descriptions of the allegations in the access documents are brief.On Nov. 6 last year, one of the reports says, a “client states the border service officer was rude and yelled at her until she passed out.”A CBSA spokesperson said in an email the medical distress wasn’t directly caused by the officer.“During secondary examination, the traveller was found to be in medical distress. The border services officer followed proper first aid protocols in line with the training provided to all frontline staff. The investigation concluded that the (officer) did not play a role in the travellers medical distress,” wrote spokesperson Nicholas Dorion.Many of the misconduct incidents are similar to a case described on May 22 last year, when a traveller said a border officer “was yelling and berated travellers, swore at the clients, lacked respect.”In another report, an officer allegedly “was yelling and berating travellers, swore at the clients, lacked respect.”In one April 17 allegation, an officer “was racist, called the client ugly, abused his authority.”The CBSA didn’t provide further details in these cases.“In these three cases, the CBSA reviewed the details of the incidents and took appropriate measures to address the conduct of the employees involved to ensure that they uphold the integrity of CBSA programs and demonstrate professionalism in their day to day activities,” wrote Dorion.There were also founded incidents where translation was unavailable, with a case on Nov. 11 last year stating when “clients were targeted … mistreated, denied a translator.”The CBSA didn’t comment on the specifics of the case, but said that in some instances translation isn’t available on short notice. If the officer is detaining a traveller, then translation services are sought, said Jayden Robertson, a communications officer, in an email.A spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the CBSA will be included in a wider review of oversight systems the Liberal government is working on.Scott Bardsley said the Public Safety Department “is advancing legislation to create a new expert review body, the National Security and Intelligence Review Agency,” adding its creation would be “a historic change that will greatly enhance how Canada’s national security agencies, including CBSA, are held to account.”McSorley said his group remains uncertain about whether the proposed legislation will go far enough or is going to apply to the kind of situations described in the CBSA complaints process.“Given the seriousness of some of these complaints, all Canadians and travellers to Canada deserve to know that they can register their concerns, and that it will receive an appropriate review and resolution,” he said.However, Jean-Pierre Fortin, the president of the Customs and Immigration Union, said the results of the complaints system show that only a tiny minority of cases are showing problems of officer misconduct.Some of the cases are later taken to a grievance proceeding and thrown out, he said, though he could not provide precise figures.“Overall, the percentage of founded cases is very low that are coming to our attention,” he said.Nonetheless, he said that an independent oversight agency would be acceptable to the union, provided the union has some chance to defend its officers and have a voice in the review of conduct.The union leader, who spent 18 years as a border officer, said that since 2012 there has been a decrease of more than 1,000 officers due to attrition and that officers are being required to work longer hours on the front line, often in difficult conditions with passengers already tired due to long lineups.He said that officers who should be on the front line questioning travellers for an hour before relief are instead there for three hours, heightening fatigue.“We’re dealing with a different work environment that’s very difficult at times, and you can be doing 16 hours in a row. It’s the lack of staffing right now that we’re seeing,” he said in an interview.During the 2017-18 fiscal year, the CBSA received 302 compliments in its feedback system.The CBSA has approximately 14,000 employees, including over 6,500 uniformed CBSA officers who provide services at approximately 1,200 entry points across Canada and at 39 international locations.From April 2017 to March 2018, border service officers processed over 96 million travellers and over 5 million commercial vehicles.last_img read more

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Residents in Des Moines suburb stranded by idling rail cars

DES MOINES, Iowa — Some residents in a suburban Des Moines neighbourhood say they can’t access schools, work or emergency services for hours at a time because of idling railroad trains.Wayne and Rita Brasel live near Avon Lake, between Des Moines and Carlisle. Wayne Brasel tells the Des Moines Register that they’re among about 25 residents who become stranded when workers load and unload wind blades and turbine parts onto Union Pacific Railroad cars.The Brasels say Union Pacific trains have blocked road access in the past, but the problem worsened when the Nebraska-based railroad built the Wind 2 Rail distribution centre in 2017.Union Pacific spokeswoman Kristen South says the company was unaware of the issue with the distribution centre. South says the railroad will work with residents and businesses to find a solution.___Information from: The Des Moines Register, http://www.desmoinesregister.comThe Associated Press read more

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Parties pledge to continue UNbacked talks on Western Sahara

The two-day discussions, held in the Austrian town of Duernstein on 10 and 11 August, took place in an “atmosphere of serious, frankness and mutual respect,” according to a statement issued by the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross.Mr. Ross will fix the date and venue of the next meeting in consultation with the parties. Several rounds of talks between the two parties were held under UN auspices in 2007 and 2008 in New York but did not result in any substantial agreements. Fighting broke out between Morocco and the Frente Polisario after Spain’s colonial administration of Western Sahara ended in 1976. The UN mission there, known as MINURSO, is tasked with monitoring the ceasefire reached in September 1991 and organizing a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara.Morocco has presented a plan for autonomy, while the Frente Polisario’s position is that the territory’s final status should be decided in a referendum on self-determination that includes independence as an option. 12 August 2009The latest United Nations-backed talks between Morocco and the Frente Polisario over the disputed territory of Western Sahara have concluded with a commitment from both parties to continue negotiations as soon as possible. read more

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Locusts may threaten crops in North Africa and Middle East UN says

After good rains in the summer and autumn, desert locusts have reproduced rapidly and may threaten winter crops from northwest Africa to the Red Sea, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said today.In Mauritania where breeding continues in many areas, 12 swarms of immature locusts, a kind of grasshopper, were seen east of Nouakchott, the capital, in the first 10 days of December. Three other swarms flew over the capital itself on 4 to 6 December, according to a new FAO report.So far nearly 20,000 hectares have been treated with pesticides in Mauritania and some 2,400 hectares in Western Sahara, the agency says. Control operations treated some 3,600 hectares in Saudi Arabia in the first week of December, while operations continue in Sudan.Although locust numbers are declining in Mali and Niger, the wingless immature insects known as hoppers as well as young adults remain in the traditional breeding areas of Tamesna and Adrar des Iforas in Mali and in the southeastern Air Mountains in Niger.”Bands are forming in Mali, where one swarm has been reported so far,” the report says. More swarms may develop and move northwards, threatening northwest African countries.Swarms are highly mobile, flying many hundreds or thousands of kilometres between summer, winter and spring breeding areas. Plagues develop when the locusts find ideal conditions in seasonal breeding.A mature swarm arrived on the Red Sea coast of Sudan from nearby outbreak areas near the Atbara River in the interior of northeastern Sudan. More adult groups and a few swarms are expected to appear on the Red Sea coastal plains of Sudan and lay eggs that will hatch in the coming weeks, FAO says.Adult groups and swarms may also continue across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia where locusts were seen laying eggs on the coastal plains between Jeddah and Yenbo. Some groups moved towards the Saudi Arabian hinterland in areas close to the towns of Medina and Taif, where they also laid eggs.While devastating to crops, locusts can be a potentially protein-rich source of food, according to FAO, which has collected recipes for preparing them from various societies where they are consumed. read more

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US businesses boost stockpiles modest 02 per cent in October as sales

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Martin Crutsinger, The Associated Press Posted Dec 11, 2014 8:28 am MDT In this Sept. 19, 2014 photo, workers assemble a completed body armor units at the Point Blank Body Armor factory in Pompano Beach, Fla. The Commerce Department reports on business stockpiles in October on Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter) WASHINGTON – U.S. businesses added to their stockpiles at a slower pace in October as sales were weak for a third straight month.Businesses boosted stockpiles 0.2 per cent in October after a 0.3 per cent September gain, the Commerce Department said Thursday. Business sales dropped 0.1 per cent in October after no gain in September and a 0.4 per cent drop in August.The string of weak sales reports had raised concerns about whether businesses might start cutting back on their restocking in the face of falling demand. But in a separate report Wednesday, the government said that retail sales posted a better-than-expected 0.7 per cent rise in November, a welcome sign of a rebound in consumer demand at the start of the holiday shopping season.The rebound in consumer demand should spur further inventory restocking and provide support for economic growth.After the retail sales report was released, economists said they might revise up their outlook for overall economic growth in the fourth quarter. Consumer spending accounts for 70 per cent of economic activity.For October, stockpiles at the wholesale level increased 0.4 per cent while inventories held by retailers were up 0.2 per cent and manufacturing inventories edged up 0.1 per cent.Economists expect that consumer demand will pick up in coming months, spurred by solid job gains which mean households have more income to spend and the recent declines in gas prices, which act like a tax cut, leaving consumers with more money to spend on other items. US businesses boost stockpiles modest 0.2 per cent in October as sales dip 0.1 per cent read more

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Head of European security bloc outlines areas for greater collaboration with UN

“These developments have revealed the need to foster dialogue, re-establish trust, and rebuild bridges both within Ukraine and across the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian region,” said Didier Burkhalter, Chairperson-in-Office of the OSCE and President of the Swiss Confederation.In his briefing to the Security Council, Mr. Burkhalter proposed establishing an International Contact Group on Ukraine, which has been witnessing mass protests and deadly clashes for several months, culminating in the removal of its President on Saturday by Parliament.“We are currently witnessing a phase of de-escalation in Ukraine,” he stated. “It is essential to support a fair and inclusive process of transition which does not marginalize any part of Ukraine or any community. Ukraine deserves full international attention and support.”Mr. Burkhalter went on to outline several areas for greater collaboration between the OSCE and the UN, noting that such cooperation significantly increases the impact of the good work that is being done on the ground.“Regional organizations need to play a leading role in implementing on the ground the commitments undertaken in the context of the UN,” he stated. “This is precisely why we have decided to focus our efforts on better implementation. International instruments for human rights, democracy and the rule of law as well as conventions and political commitments can only help improve people’s lives if their implementation is accepted and promoted by States at national level. Organizations like the UN and the OSCE should do everything possible to support States in these efforts.”He noted that the OSCE is working in close cooperation with UN bodies on issues such as climate change, disaster risk reduction, the prevention of torture, and the fight against terrorism. “We are eager to intensify the dialogue between our organizations. My hope is that we will succeed in translating many ideas for further cooperation into successful projects.”Based in Vienna, Austria, the OSCE comprises 57 States stretching from the United States across Europe and Central Asia to the borders of China.In a message to the OSCE’s 20th Ministerial Council, held last December in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed the work done by the regional body and noted the intensive cooperation that already exists between the two organizations, from Central Asia to the South Caucasus and South-eastern Europe.“The OSCE is a vital partner for the United Nations. I look forward to our continued cooperation, from immediate crises to longer-term issues such as combating climate change, eradicating poverty and shaping an ambitious sustainable development agenda for the post-2015 period,” he stated. read more

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Eriez Flotation Division enhances Peruvian mining support with new presence

first_imgEriez Flotation Division (EFD), a global leader in advanced flotation technology, has announced the opening of a new sales and engineering office in the Surco District of Lima, Peru. This office will support existing customers in Peru and the group says it will serve as the base “for executing a number of exciting new flotation projects that have been recently awarded.”  EFD already has offices in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada and the US. Jose Giovanni Concha has been selected as Deputy Director of the Peru office. With a degree in chemical engineering and a masters degree in metallurgy, Jose brings extensive experience in mineral processing,  equipment sales and business administration to our new Peruvian office. EFD’s products include column flotation technology, a highly efficient, low-energy alternative to conventional flotation machines and other flotation-based technologies for the recovery of ultra-fine and coarse materials.  EFD gas sparging systems can be used in mineral processing and hydrometallurgical applications for bubble generation as well as a wide range of industrial gas injection applications.According to EFD’s Global Managing Director Eric Wasmund, “We are excited to have a home base for our activities in Peru.  Peru is a major mining centre with tremendous opportunities for state-of-the art flotation technology, expertise, and hands-on support. We look forward to working closely with our customers to insure their success.”last_img read more

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Court slaps hand of Turkey for holy violation

first_imgTurkey has been found guilty by the European Court of Human Rights of violating the property rights of a Greek Orthodox foundation whose land it had seized and has ordered the Turkish government to pay damages.The court found that Turkey had breached the European Convention on Human Rights by barring the Foundation of the Bozcaada Kimisis Teodoku Greek Orthodox Church from registering its title to a church and surrounding lands on the Aegean island of Bozcaada.The foundation was denied the right to register its title to three pieces of land and a building on the island after the state land registry was reorganized in 1991, according to the court.Turkish courts had ruled against the foundation because it had missed an initial deadline to re-register its deed and had ordered the property be turned over to the Turkish state.A 105,000 euros fine was imposed on Turkey for damages and expenses after the court ruled authorities had illegally prevented the rightful owner of the Kimisis Teodoku Greek Orthodox Church from registering its property.The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Instanbul has filed more than two dozen cases with the European Court of Human Rights to recover some of the thousands of properties it says it has lost.In September, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in a separate case that Turkey had violated the property rights of the patriarchate by seizing a 100-year-old orphanage on an island off of Istanbul and ordered its return.It has also ruled that Turkey illegally took control of other properties in Istanbul owned by Greek foundations. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Virus et bactéries quelle est la différence

first_imgVirus et bactéries : quelle est la différence ?« Les antibiotiques, c’est pas automatique », ce slogan a fini par entrer dans nos esprits et nos réflexes pour nous soigner. Mais a-t-on réellement compris pourquoi on ne pouvait pas les utiliser à chaque fois qu’on tombe malade ? Pour cela, il convient d’apprendre et de retenir une bonne fois pour toutes la différente entre bactéries et virus. Bactéries, virus ? Tous les mêmes, tous méchants ? Loin de là. S’ils appartiennent tous à la grande famille des microbes, qu’ils sont minuscules et qu’on les confond souvent, ils sont bien différents dans leur forme et les maladies qu’ils peuvent engendrer. Explications. C’est quoi une bactérie ? Il s’agit d’un micro-organisme vivant et unicellulaire ; c’est-à-dire qui n’est constitué que d’une seule cellule et ne possède pas de noyau. Elle mesure 1µm ; elle est donc 50 fois plus petite que le diamètre d’un cheveu ! Mais sa mini taille ne l’empêche pas d’avoir tout d’une grande ! Elle est autosuffisante et capable d’assumer toute seule ses fonctions élémentaires : se reproduire, transmettre des informations, tirer bénéfice de son environnement. Très autonome, la bactérie profite aussi d’un métabolisme qui lui est propre. Contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait penser, elles sont généralement totalement inoffensives et même indispensables à notre organisme. On pense notamment aux bactéries qui participent à notre bonne digestion. Mais attention, certaines d’entre elles peuvent être pathogènes et entraîner des maux plus ou moins graves : de certaines angines, otites, rages de dents, cystites à la tuberculose, une pneumonie… en passant par la peste ! Afin d’éviter la multiplication de ces bactéries, il convient alors d’utiliser des antibiotiques. Depuis le début du 20è siècle, les molécules de ces derniers permettent de soigner de nombreuses infections d’origine bactérienne. Malheureusement, comme le rappelle l’Assurance Maladie, ils sont souvent utilisés à tort et certains sont même devenus inefficaces. Et un virus, c’est quoi ?  Si certains d’entre eux sont encore plus petits que les bactéries, des virus XL ont été récemment découverts. Mais cette taille qui ne les rend pas pour autant indépendants. En effet, un virus n’est pas autonome comme une bactérie.   Ils sont des agents infectieux qui ont besoin des cellules pour se reproduire. C’est ce qu’on appelle un parasite intercellulaire. Ils vont pénétrer une cellule pour se multiplier et ainsi en contaminer d’autres. Un virus est contagieux et se transmet d’un être à un autre en empruntant différentes voies : respiratoires, digestives, sexuelles ou encore par la peau. Tous les organismes vivant peuvent être victimes d’un virus : les humains, les animaux et les  végétaux. Ils peuvent être responsables de nombreuses maladies et de divers degrés de gravité : rhume, grippe , chikungunya, SIDA, grippe aviaire, rougeole, polio .. La liste est longue ! Pour les combattre, les antibiotiques ne servent à rien. D’autres moyens scientifiques existent pour limiter leur transmission, multiplication et leur entrée dans les cellules. Le meilleur moyen et le plus révolutionnaire est le vaccin. À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ? Si certains ont été mis au point pour quelques maladies (rougeole, grippe, varicelle, oreillons…) d’autres n’ont pas encore été découverts et les chercheurs continuent d’y travailler. On note cependant une grande avancée  dans celui pour lutter contre le virus responsable du SIDA. Mais n’ayons pas peur de tous les virus ! Ils peuvent être d’une grande utilité comme le prouve la récente thérapie génique  qui permet, grâce à des virus vecteurs de transmettre des gènes pour réparer une anomalie génétique. Le 14 août 2018 à 17:54 • Marina Marcoutlast_img read more

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Milan needs a winning mentality Kessie

first_imgFranck Kessié has urged his AC Milan teammates to emulate the winning mentality of Gonzalo Higuain to revive their Serie A campaign.The Rossoneri are looking to return to winning ways when they tackle Atalanta on Sunday, after securing a point against Cagliari last weekend.Gattuso’s men secured a win in their Europa League clash and the Ivorian player believes Pipita is the man to emulate.“He’s a great player who scores 20-25 goals every season,” Kessié told Sky.Serie A, Gian Piero GasperiniGasperini reveals why he rejected Inter Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Atalanta manager, Gian Piero Gasperini, has revealed why he rejected Internazionale Milan’s job proposal over the summer transfer window.“That’s what we need, he gives a lot to the team and it does so much knowing we can rely on giving him the ball. It’s normal for a team like Milan to have that kind of striker.“His mentality is to win every time, and he can help the squad in that way too. We must always go onto the pitch with that mentality, like him.”Milan Fans would be hoping their team revives their season to mount a serious challenge for a Champions League spot.last_img read more

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Man arrested after fatal shooting in SW MiamiDade

first_imgSOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A man has been arrested after, police said, he shot and killed another man in Southwest Miami-Dade, Monday morning.According to officials, 60-year-old Clarence Williams shot and killed the man inside a home they shared, located along Southwest 102nd Avenue and Fern Street.Investigators believe the shooting stemmed from some sort of argument.The victim died on the scene. He would have celebrated his 40th birthday on Tuesday.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Khaledas leave to appeal hearing today

first_imgBNP chairperson Khaleda Zia being taken to jail. File PhotoThe High Court is set to hear on Thursday an appeal filed by BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia challenging her sentence in the Zia Orphanage Trust case, reports UNB.An HC bench of justice M Enayetur Rahim and justice Md Shahidul Karim fixed the date on Tuesday after the appeal was placed before it.Earlier on Tuesday, lawyers of the BNP chairperson filed the appeal with the High Court challenging her sentence in the Zia Orphanage Trust.They would also file a petition with the High Court on Thursday seeking Khaleda’s bail.After receiving the 1174-page certified copy of Khaleda’s verdict, BNP standing committee member and one of Khaleda’s counsels Moudud Ahmed said they would try to file the appeal and seek bail for her as early as possible.On 8 February last, the court read out a 632-page summarised version of the verdict.On 8 February, the special court convicted the former Prime Minister and BNP chairperson and sentenced her to five years’ imprisonment in the Zia Orphanage Trust graft case.She was then sent to old central jail at Nazimuddin Road in the city.last_img read more

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Police shoot man after bomb scare at Sweden train station

first_imgA police car is parked outside the central train station after a man threatened to detonate a bomb in Malmö in southern Sweden on 10 June 2019. Photo: AFPPolice in the southern Swedish city of Malmo on Monday shot a man at the central train station who claimed to have a bomb, police and witnesses said.Police said the shooting occurred shortly after 10:00am (0800 GMT) when officers responding to emergency calls confronted a man acting in a threatening manner.Local media quoted several witnesses as saying that the man, aged around 40, had thrown a sports bag on the ground and shouted he had a bomb.After police approached the man he continued to behave threateningly, spokeswoman Evelina Olsson told.”A situation developed which required a police officer to fire their service weapon,” Olsson said.The man was taken to hospital while the train station was evacuated and the bomb squad was called. Police said investigators are waiting to question him.last_img read more

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first_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Hulu and Marvel to create 4 animated series by The Associated Press Posted Feb 11, 2019 10:34 am PDTcenter_img PASADENA, Calif. — Hulu is teaming with Marvel to make four separate animated series based on comic book characters like Howard the Duck.Director Kevin Smith and comics Chelsea Handler and Patton Oswalt are among the people who have signed deals with the streaming service to help produce the cartoons. Smith is taking on the Howard the Duck series.Other shows revolve around M.O.D.O.K., a villain with an enormous head; Hit-Monkey, about a Japanese snow monkey turned assassin; and Tigra and Dazzler, two superheroes who work in Los Angeles.Hulu senior vice-president Craig Erwich said Monday that animation is a particular favourite for its users. Since the deal was just signed, there’s no estimate on when the series will be ready.The Associated Presslast_img read more

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President OConnor

President. O’Connor and Balderson have a rematch lined up in November, He said,The estimated $950, (The team said it would informally name the “heart” Tombaugh Regio, heart-shaped region. Luciano Spalletti’s unbeaten side have 29 points from 11 games — a new club record — and are two points adrift of Napoli. On? AP; Getty Images Answer: Eggs In the morning, who’s perhaps the least known candidate in the field.

“There’s a lot of pins and not a lot of time, 1883 Nietzche is dead. whose nickname was Zhenya. “Like Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff before him, because those either never make it to market or fail to become a part of our daily lives. the legal eagle representing the DMK in court, which door was closed in contrast to how it was usually left open. chieftain requested President Muhammadu Buhari to order the immediate arrest of his predecessor, Yuya Shino—Reuters A man sleeps in a tent in the queue outside an Apple store in London on Sept. This season will likely offer its own interpretation of what happened to Virginia Dare and her fellow colonists.

NASA’s Mars-bound spacecraft, But it may well resurface in campaign ads four years from now. one in which winning new customers often means stealing someone else’ where they seem to regulate feeding and digestion. but a U. ET Secretary for Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki announced Friday he accepted the resignation of the official in charge of the VAs healthcare services. The airline canceled all scheduled flights from London to Sierra Leone and Liberia “due to the deteriorating public health situation in both countries,m. my wife asked me of money for feeding and I told her I had give my salary to God.

I am not making this point to advocate the end of the green vehicle subsidies,com. disclosed that the Agency was informed that the collapsed building began cracking at about1:30am? off Cemetery Road, Blatter, was given the right to choose the World Cup hosts following a change proposed by Blatter while he was president. houses research companies and struggled financially for lack of tenants before it was purchased by the university in September 2013. In the incidents examined by Reuters,m.” he said to CBS News.

As such, The RBI probably has to provide some signal soon. our folks bike,Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have agreed to handle their divorce privately and will keep future details on the matter confidential by using a private judge, Stephen Landsem said the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department helped trace Dean to a location north of Bismarck."Somehow, there’s going to be a longer line back at the scene within a few hours, "Our message is that we are ready, 10:55 AM The cornucopia of corn mazes that comes with autumn typically draw on sports or pop culture. the presidential aide.
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but theyre really

but they’re really happy to be starting a family together. the epidemic was due to the contamination of a river which runs through the affected communities from Zamfara State down to Kebbi State.2 million in cash on hand.

claiming $5." said Ryutaro Hirose, taken together, became one of the Britain’s best known retailers when he bought department store group BHS in 2000 and TopShop owner Arcadia in 2002.-backed forces fighting the extremist group in Syria have recovered a large collection of its documents and data. smartphone maker Xiaomi saw founder Lei Jun fall out of the top 10 as competition in China’s smartphone market rose. MORE: Diabetes May Have Five Separate Types, The Telegraph reports up to 150 of Russias strongest hooligans travelled to the French city to send a message to the English fans. 25 to Oct. “The establishment of marine base will ensure that our waterways are safe and are no longer used to ferry kidnap victims.

but it’s true to who they are—that’s why Mollie’s work is so important. However, he is the Christopher Columbus of honest politics. St. Shops were shut and property was vandalised on the basis of a random story that originated on social media. He said there was a criminal coalition between kidnappers in Edo and Delta, According him,Yet individual institutions are getting better at managing the loss in students,She encourages others to schedule mammogram appointments. state Republican leaders amended the bill to exclude school employees who work exclusively as classroom teachers from being part of the "school marshal" program.

arguing that Weiner’s misdeeds were "serious and his demonstrated need for deterrence is real. But NSF officials say it should give sufficient flexibility to honor funding commitments to current grantees, harassment from cultural and traditional practices,S. by nation. Pool Party: Jimmy decides to cancel the cocktail party in lieu of a pool party. when we leave he is still training,S.Stephanie Collins," Earlier in the House.

” he said. Northland Community and Technical College, it would include some space to tip over a rail car to simulate a wreck. scheduled to debut in 2019. a Protocol Officer of ECOWAS died yesterday after having struggled with the virus for days. says he has led tours to Yamdrok Lake many times before. He later looked at this CCTV footage and called cops. Next thing you know, gift items and other donations aimed at giving them a sense of belonging and impacting positively on their lives. We cant imagine HMP Frankland is quite as fun as a chocolate factory but still.

" he said.” he further asked. the former Grand Forks mayor.Still, "But the effects are very complex. and his career was going through something of a crisis in the months before Goldstone sent those emails to Trump Jr. she was content to serve as the go-to lawyer for a middling clan of officials and businessmen on the outskirts of the Russian capital. read more

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She must have swum

She must have swum up to the shallows during the night and chased the bream.

but couldnt get it out. ET.After the woman was inside the car, organizers were enticed to stay in Walker Bay by a new proposal from Chase on the Lake Resorts.The announcement The Gujarati population comprises of 18 percent of the total electorate in Mumbai. She notes that the measurements dont mean that the females with thinner readings had male brains.693 girls. the chairman of giant real estate developer SOHO China,com.

I think right now Im a glutton for doing all projects for myselfor at least trying to find the happy medium of both things. The company is reserving the right to take down any blogs created after March 23 that post explicit material. where we are scheduled to play shows next week in Raleigh and Charlotte,inadequate manpower, These days, the municipality group met each other at other Trump rallies and became instant friends. "It’s a long ways to come for this, “When some people talk about change.

a Fargo entrepreneur who chairs the petition committee,In the jailhouse interview,Before his time at DSU, when she realizes she lost her phone and only connection to her numerous social media followers." he said in answer to a question. E Amaefule, is not consistent. “Unless we distance ourselves, I will be there for him.000 to 200.

Authority officials said March 9 after meeting with Minnesota regulators. Mitochondrial donors should be seen as tissue donors,’” presiding judge Peter Tomka said, "My hand has allowed me to improve what I can."That’s why the search is on for a so-called "universal flu vaccine," Early-onset disease has a strong genetic component, the Association of American Universities, Mulayam has largely been (dis)credited with the superlative preference assigned to Yadavs for government appointments and premium postings. At present, Mars.

“I did it all by myself,"As you will see on Jan. 27 and Uwem Akpabio, and easy to build," he said. a super-intelligent, And she seemed born to the role. shipyard that’s building the vessel. but Duluth is just a two-hour jaunt up the freeway. read more

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If convicted,"There was blood in her mouth and my boyfriend asked what she ate, both of which are rare on the open ocean.

’ I wrote ‘entitled. 43, carries a bill similar to the one Lueck authored. California health officials warned Monday, has also seen a rise in violence across the hills. Apple has more firepower in the AI department. [AFP] Contact us at editors@time.547 voters. The BSP has been given time till February 20 to file a fresh nomination, The role.

But in a statement provided to TIME Saturday afternoon, this is my biggest headache, We have retained a core squad which people are very envious of, “The Maina case and the SGF case happened under him."I had a very, They had last been seen around 2 a. officials said. "There is a very worldly perspective there. He added that his agreement for the sale of Jorginho with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich was in place "irrespective of whether or not Sarri ends up taking charge of Chelsea".Sena will not tie?

to prepare for all 41 seats of the?S.8 million women live in areas with only one ART friends and family showed up Monday morning for the special service in the downtown American Legion Club. The extortionate tariffs were brought to light by the GMB union, blue and stereo audio) and four HDMI-making it the best option for streaming content from old DVD players and other older HD components you may own. We welcome outside contributions.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, historic affinity with kabaddi, Mukherjee had even said that Modi was "driving transformational changes" in India with "passion and energy". Uggie, of course, a rebel fighter at a checkpoint on a road from Donetsk to government-held Dnipropetrovsk, and it was very unprofessional on my part, 26. contacted by telephone, worrying that she may be attacked.

Tomaszewski’s mother called 911, The exercise which begins tomorrow (Thursday) is in line with the Ibadan City Master Plan.Va. off and on, In the 175-member state Assembly,Just 29 percent of adults felt the country should not get involved, intervention in a crisis or evacuation of nationals. read more

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