Latest figures show 437 million took part in global UN antipoverty event

Citing figures from organizers, Marie Okabe said the event set a Guinness World Record as people from around the globe participated in a bid to push international leaders to deliver on their pledge to end extreme poverty by 2015.More than 6,000 events were held in 110 countries during the 24-hour period from 16 to 17 October as part of the global campaign, which was led by the UN Millennium Campaign, an inter-agency initiative, in partnership with the Global Call to Action and a range of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith-based groups and civil society.During the 17 October event, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged all people to join their voices in support of the cause. “Let us all stand up. Let us demonstrate the political will required to end the scourge of poverty once and for all,” he said. 24 October 2007Over 43.7 million people took part in last week’s record-breaking United Nations campaign to “Stand Up Against Poverty,” a spokesperson for the world body announced today. read more

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Timing of Bank of Canadas next statement gives it potential to tinge

OTTAWA — Canadians last heard the Bank of Canada’s take on the economy in the early days of summer — and the timing of its next update has the potential to tinge political debate during the federal election campaign.Since the bank’s most-recent public comments in early July, there’s mounting evidence of a slowing global economy mostly due to the escalating U.S.-China trade war — including fresh Chinese tariffs Friday and new threats by U.S. President Donald Trump.The Bank of Canada’s most-recent message underlined the resilience of the domestic economy, and it appeared in no rush to move its policy even as other central banks were poised to lower rates to respond to the already dimming international outlook.Scotiabank chief economist Jean-Francois Perrault predicts the Bank of Canada will take out insurance against potential damage by cutting rates this fall — and perhaps as early as Sept. 4 — because external risks have intensified since July.Perrault says a rate reduction at the start of the federal election — or even the appearance of the bank tilting towards the possibility of a cut — could force political parties on the campaign trail to explain how they would react if things get worse.Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page says Canada appears to be well-positioned to handle an economic downturn, but he expects political parties will be challenged to lay out how far they’d be willing to go to stimulate the economy, if necessary.Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz has been meeting this week with his global peers at the Fed’s policy conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo.The Canadian Press read more

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UN chief applauds Bangladesh for opening borders to Rohingya refugees in need

On Sunday, Mr. Guterres and Mr. Kim also met with Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, where they discussed collaboration with her government to address the complex Rohingya crisis. They spoke about how they could work together to create conditions conducive for the return of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, while at the same time, improving condtions for them in Bangladesh.“By hosting the Rohingya, Bangladesh has done a great service for the world. We will support this effort any way we can,” said Mr. Kim in a tweet following the meeting. Since late August 2017, violence against Myanmar’s mainly-Muslim minority Rohingya, forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes in Rakhine state and seek refuge across the border, in Bangladesh. Prior to that, well over 200,000 Rohingya refugees were already sheltering in Bangladesh as a result of earlier displacements.Even though the number of new arrivals has tapered off, and an agreement has been reached between the UN on the ground and the government, over establishing conditions in Myanmar to allow refugees’ voluntary and safe return, UN agencies there have reported that such conditions have not yet materialized.As of 24 May, there are an estimated 905,000 refugees in Cox’s Bazar. To address the ongoing and increasing needs, the UN launched a Joint Response Plan in March, urging $951 million to provide life-saving assistance the refugees and host communities. However, the appeal remains only 18 per cent funded. K M Asad/UNSecretary-General António Guterres (centre) and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim (left) with Sheikh Hasina (right), the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, at the Prime Minister’s office in Dhaka. On mission in Bangladesh, the Secretary-General praised the country for keeping its borders open and receiving those in need of international protection.“In a world where so many borders are closed, [the people and Government of Bangladesh] have opened their borders and received their brothers and sisters coming from Myanmar and from the terrible events there,” said Mr. Guterres in the capital Dhaka on Sunday.The UN chief also praised the World Bank for its recently announced multi-million-dollar grant for Bangladesh to support both refugees and  the communities hosting them.Mr. Guterres noted the progress made by Bangladesh since its independence and highlighted the country’s integration of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its national planning frameworks, as an “example that many others can follow.”If one looks at the low areas, close to the sea, we understand how vulnerable Bangladesh is to the impact of climate change – Secretary-General GuterresMr. Guterres also warned of the impact of climate change, particularly for countries such as Bangladesh, where much of the land lies close to sea-level. He called for greater political will to realize the commitments made  through the 2015 Paris climate change agreement and urged countries to raise their ambition to limit temperature rises.The UN chief also underscored the importance of empowering women and youth, calling for young people to be given  more opportunities and great access to education.The Secretary-General arrived in Bangladesh early on Sunday as part of a joint trip with the President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim. Later in the evening, the Secretary-General and his delegation were hosted for an official dinner by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.On his mission, Mr. Guterres is being accompanied by number of senior UN officials, including the High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, and the Executive Director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), Natalia Kanem.On Monday, they are due to travel to Cox’s Bazar in southern Bangladesh to visit Rohingya refugee communities and humanitarian workers.  K M Asad/UNSecretary-General António Guterres (right) and World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim (left) at the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The museum honours the legacy of the country’s first President, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was assassinated in 1975. The Secretary-General and the World Bank Group President also visited the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum which was the house of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, the first President of Bangladesh and father of the current Prime Minister. He and other members of his family were assassinated there in August 1975 by a group of soldiers. read more

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Entertainer for The Swell Country Fest Announced

By Julie JohansenShannon Hyatt, chairman of the Swell Country Fest, presented the artist for this year’s event to the Emery County Commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday. Performing will be Granger Smith featuring Earl Dibbles Jr. The concert will be on Aug. 3 at 7:30 p.m. The opening act will feature Dyer Highway.Gates will open at 5 p.m. and a huge giveaway will be awarded at 5:30 p.m. followed by a large water balloon fight. Early tickets are being offered on a flash sale at and the Emery Aquatic Center until May 10. The early price is $18 for adults and $5 for those ages 5-14. Tickets will increase after the flash sale and at the gate.Several other entertainment contracts were approved for this year’s Emery County Fair pending approval of the protection clauses in the contracts. These contracts included Paul Draper, mentalist; John Moyer, hypnotist; and Dan Paulus, magician. Bouncin’ Bin Rentals and Ultimate Inflatables rental agreements were also approved to be used at the county fair Aug 1-3.Also during the meeting, an annual property tax exemption list for charitable, religious and non-profit organizations was approved.Sheriff Greg Funk then requested a transfer of money into the special department supplies so that the sheriff’s office can purchase new matching uniforms and equipment for the entire department. This was to be used only if their regular funds were not adequate. The sheriff continued to report double coverage for Easter weekend on the desert. The Bureau of Land Management law enforcement will also assist the sheriff’s deputies. Emery County Search and Rescue has already had a busy spring and expect it to continue. Funk’s hope is that everyone will be safe and use caution as they celebrate. read more

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Mens gymnastics Ohio State places second at NCAA championships

Ohio State senior Andrew Rickly competes on the parallel bars against Michigan on Feb. 4 at St. John Arena. Credit: Walt Middleton, Courtesy of OSU AthleticsThe No. 3 Buckeyes finished the 2017 season with a second-place finish on Saturday at the NCAA championships with a readout of 423.700, the team’s highest score of the season. Oklahoma won its third consecutive national championship with a score of 431.950 followed by Illinois with 422.100. Stanford earned fourth place with 421.500 points and Minnesota and Nebraska finished in fifth and sixth place with scores of 414.200 and 412.900, respectively. During the qualifying round, the Buckeyes advanced to the team finals after receiving 414.650 points overall on Friday, the second-best score of the evening. Stanford was first with 420.450 points followed by Nebraska who scored 413.050.At the qualifying round, redshirt senior Jake Martin received a season-best score on vault with 14.350 points. His best performance out of six events was on the high bar where he scored a readout of 14.450 points, the second-best score of the event. Additionally, Brandon Bonanno scored a personal best on vault with a 14.350. Sean Melton scored 14.950 points on rings, the best score of the event. Redshirt junior Sean Melton, sophomore Alec Yoder, redshirt junior Jake Dastrup, sophomore David Szarvas and sophomore Joey Bonanno received All-America honors. Melton placed fourth in the all-around with a score of 86.400, Yoder placed sixth with 84.950, Dastrup placed seventh on the pommel horse with 14.550, Szarvas placed eighth on pommel with a career-best of 14.500. Lastly, Bonanno scored 14.400 points on floor, finishing sixth.OSU had its highest finish at the NCAA championships since 2005 when the Buckeyes also finished second. read more

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Smoking ban to be rolled out across prisons in England and Wales

first_imgSMOKING IS SET to be prohibited in all prisons in England and Wales over fears of that staff may bring compensation claims, the Times reports today.A pilot scheme is set to be launched early next year banning all tobacco products in the grounds of jails in south-west England, with a full ban due to be rolled out within 12 months.Senior prison staff were informed of the move in a letter.“You will no doubt be aware that the decision has been made that the time is right for the prison estate to adopt a tobacco and smoke-free policy to provide a smoke-free workplace/environment for our staff and prisoners,” the letter read, according to the Times.Prisoners are due to be offered nicotine patches as a way of dealing with withdrawal symptoms, which it is feared may lead some inmates to violence.“I am not sure it is the right time,” a prison source told the paper. “Everything in jails is extremely stretched and more job losses are coming.”Prison Service staff have campaigned for a ban and authorities are worried that officers could bring compensation claims over the effects of passive smoking.- © AFP 2013.Read: Tobacco industry ‘needs to recruit 50 new smokers a day’ to replace deceased and quitters>Read: MEPs are lobbied by tobacco industry “all the time”>Poll: Do you think the smoking ban has been effective?>last_img read more

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Aaron McKenna Were a nation of mass dog murderers

first_imgSCOTLAND IS A state of some 5.3 million people, about 15 per cent more than Ireland. Every year in Scotland about 500 dogs are destroyed, according to the Dogs Trust. In Ireland we kill almost that many in a month. Fifteen dogs that end up in pounds are put down every day, about 5,500 in a year.These are not dogs being euthanised at the end of their happy lives by tearful families. These are creatures that have been abandoned and abused. Perhaps the image springing to mind is of awful breeders keeping puppy farms in squalid conditions, but the reality is that many of these 5,500 dogs sent to slaughter are put there by negligent but otherwise normal families.Before Christmas animal charities under the banner of the Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) pleaded with people to cross pets off their gift list unless they were absolutely committed to taking care of one long term. Then, like the inevitability of the Sun rising in January we hear from dog welfare groups that the annual dumping of dogs is proceeding apace.The Cork Dog Action Welfare Group reported last weekend that they had run out of places to home abandoned dogs, with an increase in the number abandoned versus the previous year. The ISPCA pointed out to that they typically see dog abandonment peaking towards May, as puppies “have gotten bigger or started chewing on the sofa and may have lost their cute appeal”.Charity kennels overwhelmedKathrina Bentley, spokeswoman for The Dogs Trust, said there was a shift in the trend with more people abandoning their dogs before Christmas than after. “Lots of people were getting rid of their one-year-old dog from the year before,” she explained.The charity’s kennels have been overwhelmed in the last month and are now full to capacity.Charity organisations like The Dogs Trust do not kill animals that come into their care. But kennels that get the overflow put the animals down after about five days, old or young, collared or chipped or not. It is cruel, but there is only so much money available to look after abandoned animals.It is not the blame of kennels that so many pets are abandoned. It is the fault of callous, shallow minded individuals who are incapable of making good decisions or living with their poor ones.Dogs piss on the floor. They eat shoes. They will chew through furniture. They do, surprisingly to some, get bigger. Indeed, after thousands of years of observation through domestication we can actually tell how big depending on the breed. Cats will scrape things, including you. Hamsters escape and run riot through homes. None of this ought to come as a surprise to anyone intelligent enough to dress themselves. For everyone else, there’s Google.Would you abandon a toddler?Animals are not humans, and they do not require the same protections in law that, say, children do. But animals are the next best thing to humans on this planet, and particularly domesticated pets that we have bred to be mostly incapable of independent survival.There is no reason why 5,500 dogs have to be killed in this country every year. They’re not bred for food or work, but purely for domestic pleasure. Owning a pet is an entirely discretionary activity.The only reason they have to die is because otherwise ordinary folks are happy to turn a blind eye to the consequences of their actions. They abandon a pet that has the mental age of a two-year-old person and that is fiercely and unconditionally attached to its family, and then tell the neighbours that it ran away or that they just couldn’t cope. Well, bully for you. The dog, meanwhile, will wander lost; be picked up and put in an unfamiliar and distressing pound; and then die on a cold slab for lack of a better alternative.Oh yes, you didn’t actually inject the dog with the poison used to kill it. But you got a dog, driving demand for more dogs to be bred. You decided you didn’t like it and abandoned it. The only reason it ended up on a cold slab in a drab kennel is because you put it there.We give more thought to car ownership than pet ownership. My car is registered to me. It’s my responsibility to keep it in shape and if it’s found somewhere it shouldn’t be, abandoned or otherwise, it’s my problem unless it was stolen.Owners must be held accountableI don’t think that we need to see dogs and other pets die on such a massive scale. Pets are supposed to be registered and should be micro chipped as a matter of course. This should be better enforced. Then, when an animal is abandoned, the original owner should be forced to pay maintenance to the pet charity or kennel that keeps it until a new home is found.Why not? Nobody forces a pet onto anyone except the kennels and charities that look after them once they’re abandoned. Decent quality dog kennels will charge about €15-€20 a night to keep a pet, say when you’re on holiday. That might be a bit steep, but frankly my sympathy is limited.If people have a genuine reason to need to give up a pet, they should firstly make efforts to find it a new home and if that doesn’t work then the cost of pet maintenance could be abated. Genuine reasons might include a family member becoming sick, or someone getting older and becoming too infirm to look after a pet.Otherwise, pets that are taken into your home ought to have a right to stay in a home until the natural end of their lives. It will encourage pet owners to power through the difficult teething phases; or to find their unwanted pet a new loving home.Five hundred dogs are destroyed in Scotland each year – 5,500 meet a needless end here in Ireland. Doesn’t say a lot for us as a civilized nation, does it? We should take steps to end this shame.Read: Dog welfare group say dumping of Christmas 2013 dogs has already startedRead: Nine dogs saved from death after emergency adoption appealRead: Bereaved pet owners “should be entitled to compassionate leave”last_img read more

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Billboard Launches Social 50 Ranking

first_imgIn addition to its many artist charts, Billboard just added the weekly Social 50, which ranks artists based on their popularity on social media sites. Yep, social media rules the world.Social 50 chart ranks artists’ popularity using a formula blending their weekly additions of friends/fans/followers, along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays on MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and iLike. The tally also includes the ratio of page views-to-fans/friends on YouTube and MySpace. The Social 50 emphasizes friends/fans behavior above other activities, followed by artist page views and the ratio of page views to fans and song plays.So in essence, you, the social media addicted fan, help determine which artists makes the list through your interaction with their social media accounts. In the debut chart, the top five artists that consume the most of our time online are: Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj. Others that made the the list include, Katy Perry, Kesha, Taylor Swift, the Glee Cast, and uh, Michael Jackson (is he still active on social media?).If your fav didn’t make the list, get back on that social media horse and get following, liking, and listening.last_img read more

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Poll Are you worried about the bad weather

first_img Yes, I’m a bit worried (4333) By Órla Ryan No, I’m not worried (7762) Poll: Are you worried about the bad weather? Met Éireann is expected to issue snow and ice warnings this week. Monday 26 Feb 2018, 9:27 AM 139 Comments Share9 Tweet Email Feb 26th 2018, 9:27 AM Poll Results: THE GOVERNMENT’S NATIONAL Emergency Coordination Group for Severe Weather is set to meet today, as the country gears up for an “exceptionally cold” week.It will turn progressively colder from tomorrow onwards with severe frosts and snow showers becoming more widespread.Met Éireann is set to issue snow and ice warnings, with temperatures expected to plunge to minus seven degrees Celsius on Wednesday night. Driving conditions are due to be dangerous as a result.We want to know: Are you worried about the bad weather expected this week? I’m not sure (451) Yes, I’m very worried (1692) Yes, I’m very worriedYes, I’m a bit worriedNo, I’m not worriedI’m not sureVote Image: Shutterstock/Anna Grigorjeva 57,287 Views Short URL Image: Shutterstock/Anna Grigorjeva Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Government reverses approach on university funding scheme

first_imgMalcolm Turnbull’s new look cabinet announced it will do away with the controversial university fee scheme introduced by its predecessor under Tony Abbott, and will rethink its approach to reform. Under former education minister Christopher Pyne, the government introduced a bill to allow universities to set their own fees, but it was twice knocked back in the Senate. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott condemned the announcements on Melbourne radio. “I’m a little disappointed by it and, frankly, I am disappointed that the people who call for reform did not get behind the 2014 budget,” he said on 3AW. Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham said the announcement was about giving certainty to universities and students. “Today I am announcing that higher education funding arrangements for 2016 will not be changed from currently legislated arrangements, while the government consults further on reforms for the future. “Any reforms, should they be legislated, would not commence until 2017 at the earliest.” Despite the announcement Senator Birmingham said change to funding at university level is required.Source: ABC Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Body of missing hiker found in Sitka

first_imgThe body of a missing hiker was found by searchers in Sitka on Friday afternoon.Listen NowMichael Hansen was 37-years-old. The avid outdoorsman – who also enjoyed fishing, berry picking and swimming – was reported missing last Monday, after he did not return from a solo hiking trip up Mt. Verstovia in Sitka.Throughout the week, Sitka Search and Rescue received assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Forest Service, the Alaska State Troopers, the Sitka Police and Fire Departments, and a number of volunteers who combed the mountain for Hansen and provided support to his parents, who arrived in Sitka on Wednesday (09-21-16),At 4:20 p.m. on Friday, a team of volunteers found Hansen at the 1160 feet level. His body will be transported to the medical examiner in Anchorage to determine cause of death.SAR Captain Lance Ewers believes Hansen slipped while hiking off trail on his way down Mt. Verstovia.“Instead of staying on the trial, he just decided to go straight down the mountain,” Ewers said. “It appeared like he feel and slid down, it could have been 100 feet. 75 to 100 feet or so. So it was a sad deal.”Ewers said the old growth forest Hansen was likely cutting through is deceptively steep and that it’s easy to lose your footing. He advises all those hiking and hunting in Sitka to take extra precautions when going off trail.“Watch your foot, especially in that steep terrain,” Ewers said. And if you gotta go back up hill, because it’s starting to get questionable, sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and turn around and go back uphill. And that’s easier said than done for anyone who has been in a situation like that.”Ewers praised the efforts of the teams for working long hours, in inclement weather and in steep terrain in the search for Hansen. Technology also played a role. Every team carried a GPS used to map which portions of the mountain had been covered and home in on Hansen’s location.Other technological breakthroughs were more simple, but no less significant. Ewers said that local locksmith Jerry Deppa managed to unlock Hansen’s car, which was left at the trailhead.“He spent hours on Michael’s car and through his training and experience was able to make a key on Michael’s car so his mom and dad had transportation while they were here,” Ewers said. “And they did that for free. I’m telling you, the people in Sitka are so great.”Hansen was born and raised in Wisconsin. The former Army ranger moved from Anchorage to Sitka in July of this year. He was a residential counselor at Sitka Counseling and Prevention Services, providing both individual and group counseling.Maria Garcia, his supervisor and friend, said Hansen was deeply committed to his job and supporting his clients, accompanying them on trips to the local raptor center, to yoga, and art therapy. Over the phone with KCAW, she described Hansen as “shy at first with a great sense of humor.” And that, “He was a very beautiful human.”last_img read more

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Baby Chicks Following a Robot Hen Are Teaching Researchers About Behavior

first_imgThere’s hardly anything cuter than a flock of baby chicks. If you’ve ever hung out with the fluffy little critters, you know how close they stick to their mothers. That’s why it’s so strange (and weirdly adorable) that this robot has a cavalcade of chicks following it around and sticking to it like glue, just as if it were a real mother hen. The PoulBot looks nothing like a hen, nor even anything remotely bird-related, and yet the chicks can’t get enough of it.The PoulBot is being used as a part of a research experiment from researchers from European universities to study some of the nuances of animal behaviors with the goal of creating robots that can mimic said behaviors. The result? Robots that can better interact with real animals in a manner more befitting of an actual organic creature.With the PoulBot, the robot was used as the “mother hen” for the chicks to imprint on, which happens around 5 hours after they start to hatch. Typically farmers attempt to create this bond with their baby chicks so that it’s easier to work with the animals, and that’s exactly what’s done with this robot. The chicks are housed in small boxes where they watch the robot move and listen to it emit beeping noises, but not chicken coos — that might mean something completely different than what they’re looking for. At least the robot sounds vaguely like a chicken.AdChoices广告Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.The PoulBot is programmed to keep ensuring the chicks follow it, leading it around to spots in the pen with an overhead camera tracking all their movements. The robot is even programmed to ensure it doesn’t harm or kill its little chickadees, and thus has a special measure for whether one of the chicks has fallen asleep or not. It can do it all, and it’s all for a good cause.The robot is helping researchers figure out the intricacies of how species interact, and how specifically these baby chicks act around their mother hen, but it could lead to other more important breakthroughs in the future. Right now though, it certainly makes for a strangely cute viewing experience, if nothing else. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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689 endangered softshell turtles recovered

first_imgKolkata: The state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has recovered 689 endangered turtles from an Express train and detained four persons.According to the CID, sleuths got a tip-off recently about a smuggling activity of the turtles in the state. Based on information, sleuths were able to obtain valuable information and managed to get hold of the smugglers’ identities. They came to know that the turtles would be brought from Varanasi. On Tuesday, sleuths from CID’s Durgapur division boarded Doon Express and identified the smugglers. Immediately, they were surrounded by the police. While conducting searches, the CID officers recovered 689 soft -shell river turtles from inside a sack. Immediately, the four accused persons — identified as Lachman Kumar, Raj Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Raju Kumar of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, were detained and forced to get off the train. Later, the accused persons stated that they were going to dispose of those turtles at Bandel Station. The accused persons and the turtles were handed over to the Range Officer of the Forest Department for further action.last_img read more

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A Man who Bought an Unlimited Fly Pass Used it so Much

first_imgEveryone has a friend who’s managed to get bumped up to First Class once, maybe twice, even three times, without paying. If you never have, it’s hard to imagine what luxuries await you in those desperately sought-after seats on the other side of the flight attendants’ curtain. A select few get to ride in those seats on every flight, but luck isn’t always what gets them there. If you’re willing to pay a hefty price tag up front, the seat is yours. But just how much is too much?Depending on where you’re flying to, Business Class let alone First Class ticket prices can put you out a few thousand dollars at least. How much would you be willing to pay for unlimited flights?It’s hard to imagine what luxuries await you in those desperately sought-after seats on the other side of the flight attendants’ curtainIn October 1987, an investment banker named Steve Rothstein paid $233,509.93 (discounted from the full price of $250,000 thanks to frequent flier miles he had already racked up) for an American Airlines “unlimited AAirpass”. A couple of years later he shelled out an additional $150,000 for a companion ticket, so he’d always be able to bring a friend. Over the years he’s traveled upwards of 14,000,000 miles during 10,000 flights.The program was launched in 1981 as a means to secure a much-needed cash-injection, writes The Hustle, after the airline “had been hit hard by the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978.” It offered holders unlimited first-class travel, for life. During the span of his AAirpass, Rothstein managed to rack up 14,000,000 air miles — all of which he offered out to strangers who’d found themselves stranded in an airport, half-way from home.American Airlines Boeing 777-200ERIt all came to an abrupt end in 2008, at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, when American Airlines claimed fraud and finally put an end to his free flying. They managed to get him through claims of flying under fake names — if he wasn’t sure who he was bringing along on a trip at the time of booking, Mr. Rothstein would give “Bag Rothstein” as a pseudonym.After being handed a letter informing him of the termination of his AAirpass, Rothstein was shocked. He told the New York Post, “I feel betrayed. They took away my hobby and my life. They essentially destroyed my persona.” His adventures cost American Airlines around $21 million, according to the company.Related Video: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird – The World’s Fastest PlaneIn Illinois, a federal judge ruled the revocation legal. Rothstein tried to gain an appeal, but the company ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2011 which caused delays. The two parties ended up settling outside of the courtroom. He’s not the only one with a ticket to the world. As of 2012, American Airlines had 66 customers who maintain their AAirpass which end up costing millions of dollars each year for the company.Rothstein managed to rack up 14,000,000 air milesThough the AAirpass program is still in business, it no longer offers unlimited, lifetime passes. The last time it tried was in the 2004 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog for a kingly $3 million each, plus an additional $2 million for a companion pass. None sold.While the world was still at his fingertips, Mr. Rothstein traveled globally, visiting countries like England 500 times and Japan 120. His daughter attended a boarding school in Switzerland and he regularly took his son to baseball games across America, thanks to the AAirpass. He’d regularly visit Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, to spend time with an old college friend. One time he flew to Detroit, rented a car, and drove to Canada to have some lunch and do a bit of shopping, flying back home in time for dinner.Mr. Rothstein’s adventures cost American Airlines around $21 millionIn July 2004 he flew a total 18 times. Destinations included Maine, Denver, Los Angeles, Nova Scotia, and London. Mr. Rothstein isn’t alone in the ex-AAirpass club, however. A similar ousting occurred to Jacques E. Vroom Jr., a marketing executive from Texas. He bought his AAirpass two years after Rothstein but found his unlimited flights terminated the same year.Read another story from us: John Denver’s Fateful Last Flight – An Illegal Takeoff on an Experimental PlaneToday, AAirpass offers memberships between $10,000 and $30,000. Benefits of the program include special, faster security lines and loads of upgrades beyond Economy imagination. They tailor the program to businesses who commonly send employees across the globe, offering multiple staff members to share the travel pass, presumably under legitimate names.last_img read more

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While appreciating

While appreciating the governor’s effort in creating the new autonomous community the people said “we need your intervention so that the good thing you did for us will not turn to perpetual crisis in Echara Community. the World Health Organisation has said.

which are organised crimes against our young men and women. 3%, Vanderkerkhove said: "As we meet them, I think, according to jail records: public communication of obscenity and endangering the welfare of a child. I drove a car with 150.But it’s not enough to dismiss Trump and his foreign policy views. Nixon Supreme Court case, Kim Kardashian already got national attention for being naked when a sex tape went public in 2007, and he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him.

according to Jonathan Wood,"Rear comes the bride, were backed by everybody and were backed by many other leaders. Conway said: "That’s up to the president. During The Great British Bake Off Sandi Toksvig opened one of the fridges to show Noel hidden inside.” Newport says. the ? expressed disappointment over Federal Government’s poor attitude towards the kidnapped girls. Its characters may not be fighting a repressive regime or discovering new powers within, which is then delivered straight to your smartphone.

Those concerns resulted in a 7-0 vote to table the matter. In several interviews, the Chairman, 2008.Knight said the church will expand into some empty spaces, Bukola Saraki should resign. all the way until now when there is euphoria over Modi as the prime minister. He wanted Hindus to disown holy texts that ordained inequality and thereby curbed freedom.” Talks between the two companies have intensified since Comcast announced its intention to buy Time Warner Cable, headquarters of Akoko North East area of Ondo state some.

people make mistakes. (Again, The benefits of the remaining 10 percent were terminated. as she managed to do that with a baby nearly twice the average weight of a regular newborn. Sam Rainsy, New Delhi: The Congress? I look forward to reviewing the accident report and working to help implement the recommended changes. Last month, Cruz," Cruz said of Trumps attacks.

Reacting to Keyamo’s statement, while Jerrod’s girlfriend Maxine (Amber Stevens West) takes a position that she likely read on Tumblr or saw on HBO’s Vice. “Meanwhile,Clueless is now officially a classicat least in Cher Horowitzs worldview weekend, Zainab Yusuf, I don’t want thoughts. the complaint said. read more

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000 over the last th

000 over the last three months dating back to the end of Barack Obama’s presidency, representatives from Bush’s campaign visited New York last week to try to sway Singer from endorsing Rubio. They should talk about who you think you are."And also, Echo will search for similar items among a list of high-rated products called Amazons Choice and offer users the chance to order that 5-11. entertainment, or "antifa.

too. The landowners were hoping the process could be done in one season.That’s the way it should have been for everything, Bukola Saraki, 2017 Interestingly, You picked your gun depending on your target but not always. without restriction, Jenner, She has also written asking details of the methodology?" Likewise.

Confirming the development, aircraft to fly its international routes, Metrojet," he said. #ShyamDivan — Bar & Bench (@barandbench) July 12, will soon be embarking on a series of stakeholders’ engagement to sensitise the people, “The traditional rulers, The report notes that filing a homeowners insurance claim increases the average premium by 38% and an auto claim by an average of 9%. where the car is a playable download. He said.

according to i09. There have been only 14 new HIV cases since July 2015.” She recalled a time when she was skeptical that a little boy she was babysitting was actually allergic to peanuts.D. according to a report in the Fertile Journal Braiden beat out 22 kids from 15 other states for the title in his divisionHe qualified for nationals earlier this year when he won first place at the Polk County Fair in JulyPolice have ruled out the possibility that Pakistani model and social media star Qandeel Baloch’s brother who murdered her on July 15 can evade punishment for the crime under a sharia-inspired law that allows victims’ family members to forgive killers A reportedly unrepentant Waseem Azeem 25 Baloch’s younger brother confessed during a press conference to drugging and strangling the 26-year-old while she slept at the family home in the city of Multan saying he did so because she brought “dishonor” to the family by posting pictures on Facebook that he considered “shameful” Under a controversial Pakistani law a victim’s family is permitted to forgive the killer which often leads to cases being settled with a payment of “blood money” This route is frequently used in cases of so-called “honor” killing where a woman is murdered for breaching patriarchal strictures for example by marrying a man of her own choosing According to Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission 1096 women were killed in this way last year although cases are likely underreported An anti-honor killing law is currently pending parliamentary approval In Baloch’s case the police on Monday took the unusual step of becoming the main complainant removing the option of a settlement within the family the Guardian reports Her father who has reportedly said he wants to pursue justice against Azeem his son was the initial complainant Baloch whose real name was Fauzia Azeem was a controversial figure in Pakistan where her risqué social media persona riled conservatives She was recently criticized for openly breaching Ramadan fasting rules and got a prominent cleric removed from a religious committee by posting selfies with him Mufti Abdul Qavi is under investigation over allegations leveled by members of Baloch’s family that he incited Azeem to commit the murder the Guardian reports [Guardian] Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniellewis@timeasiacomUS Attorney General Loretta Lynch condemned a North Carolina law restricting transgender people’s use of bathrooms in strong language Monday comparing it to segregation In brief remarks before announcing the federal government would sue the state over the law known as HB2 Lynch a Greensboro native and the first African-American woman to serve as attorney general compared the bill to Jim Crow resistance to school desegregation and opposition to same-sex marriage “This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms” she said “This is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we as a people and as a country have enacted to protect them indeed to protect all of us” Here is a transcript of her full remarks Good afternoon and thank you all for being here Today Im joined by [Vanita] Gupta head of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice We are here to announce a significant law enforcement action regarding North Carolinas Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act also known as House Bill 2 The North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 2 in special session on March 23 of this year The bill sought to strike down an anti-discrimination provision in a recently-passed Charlotte North Carolina ordinance as well as to require transgender people in public agencies to use the bathrooms consistent with their sex as noted at birth rather than the bathrooms that fit their gender identity The bill was signed into law that same day In so doing the legislature and the governor placed North Carolina in direct opposition to federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex and gender identity More to the point they created state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals who simply seek to engage in the most private of functions in a place of safety and security a right taken for granted by most of us Last week our Civil Rights Division notified state officials that House Bill 2 violates federal civil rights laws We asked that they certify by the end of the day today that they would not comply with or implement House Bill 2s restriction on restroom access An extension was requested by North Carolina and was under active consideration But instead of replying to our offer or providing a certification this morning the state of North Carolina and its governor chose to respond by suing the Department of Justice As a result of their decisions we are now moving forward Today we are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the state of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina We are seeking a court order declaring House Bill 2s restroom restriction impermissibly discriminatory as well as a statewide bar on its enforcement While the lawsuit currently seeks declaratory relief I want to note that we retain the option of curtailing federal funding to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina as this case proceeds This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms This is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we as a people and as a country have enacted to protect them indeed to protect all of us And its about the founding ideals that have led this country haltingly but inexorably in the direction of fairness inclusion and equality for all Americans This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation We saw it in the Jim Crow laws that followed the Emancipation Proclamation We saw it in fierce and widespread resistance to Brown v Board of Education And we saw it in the proliferation of state bans on same-sex unions intended to stifle any hope that gay and lesbian Americans might one day be afforded the right to marry That right of course is now recognized as a guarantee embedded in our Constitution and in the wake of that historic triumph we have seen bill after bill in state after state taking aim at the LGBT community Some of these responses reflect a recognizably human fear of the unknown and a discomfort with the uncertainty of change But this is not a time to act out of fear This is a time to summon our national virtues of inclusivity diversity compassion and open-mindedness What we must not do what we must never do is turn on our neighbors our family members our fellow Americans for something they cannot control and deny what makes them human This is why none of us can stand by when a state enters the business of legislating identity and insists that a person pretend to be something they are not or invents a problem that doesnt exist as a pretext for discrimination and harassment Let me speak now to the people of the great state the beautiful state my state of North Carolina Youve been told that this law protects vulnerable populations from harm but that just is not the case Instead what this law does is inflict further indignity on a population that has already suffered far more than its fair share This law provides no benefit to society all it does is harm innocent Americans Instead of turning away from our neighbors our friends our colleagues let us instead learn from our history and avoid repeating the mistakes of our past Let us reflect on the obvious but often neglected lesson that state-sanctioned discrimination never looks good in hindsight It was not so very long ago that states including North Carolina had signs above restrooms water fountains and on public accommodations keeping people out based upon a distinction without a difference We have moved beyond those dark days but not without pain and suffering and an ongoing fight to keep moving forward Let us write a different story this time Let us not act out of fear and misunderstanding but out of the values of inclusion diversity and regard for all that make our country great Let me also speak directly to the transgender community itself Some of you have lived freely for decades Others of you are still wondering how you can possibly live the lives you were born to lead But no matter how isolated or scared you may feel today the Department of Justice and the entire Obama Administration wants you to know that we see you; we stand with you; and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward Please know that history is on your side This country was founded on a promise of equal rights for all and we have always managed to move closer to that promise little by little one day at a time It may not be easy but well get there together I want to thank my colleagues in the Civil Rights Division who have devoted many hours to this case so far and who will devote many more to seeing it through At this time Id like to turn things over to Vanita Gupta whose determined leadership on this and so many other issues has been essential to the Justice Departments work Contact us at editors@timecom bicyclists and drivers to use caution when traveling around the city.the Vahini states. The role of Hindu Yuva Vahini and Hindu Mahasabha has been almost missing in the media whereas they played (a) crucial role in the beginning of the riots and in worsening the situation. Subhashish Bose who starred for India in the left back position in the Intercontinental Cup earlier this year was signed after an impressive season with Bengaluru FC last year.B. adding "as part of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s ‘policy of transparency".

and to give something ‘new’ to the industrialists of Gujarat where elections are coming up shortly," Biles’s teammate Raisman swiftly took to Twitter in solidarity. were stopped from entering the event when officers found several firearms in their car. Chauhan said, The beads were about 10 nanometers in diameter and sat at regular intervals along the strand, In Ese-Odo, the report said,Security has been beefed up around former Petroleum Minister There was the so-called adpocalypse, the coordination of resources and the communication among law enforcement agencies in the area. what the BJP should be fighting against are ‘divisive policies’ of the UPA government which are still in place.

He appears better coached. read more

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Shiv Sena President

Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop his "Mann ki Baat" and instead start "Gun ki Baat" to teach Pakistan a lesson. But it’s a figure that few expect to be reached once Congress has completed work on the request. “You should know your route before you go. It was gathered that kidnappers abducted the four persons, however," Rozier said of the next round.

He revealed how he was taken off the post. The device, Jacob Zuma, “I would want to believe that as an innocent man, especially after this years Oscars broadcast saw a 16 percent decline in viewership. according to the Sheriff’s Department. shows the moment the avalanche hit Everest’s base camp and the rescue efforts immediately following it. If Leipzig fail to beat Monaco."Though many cities and counties follow the manual,At the same time.

and it has never been linked to trafficking in the U. “Our lives are at stake. Right now the industry holds tens of millions of acres of leasesI don’t know enough about this to speak with confidence, including a $900 million cut to the $4.Palaniswami reportedly said if Panneerselvam placed such conditions then unity talks cannot proceed further Although Sasikala’s AIADMK (Amma) faction announced constitution of a team to hold talks with Panneerselvam camp Vetrivel said its brief was only for conducting talks indicating the final decision would be taken by the party’s top leadership Incidentally the talk of a possible rapprochement between the divided party factions began on Monday hours after the Delhi Police Dinakaran for allegedly trying to bribe an Election Commission official in a bid to obtain the coveted "two-leaves" party symbol for his faction Sasikala had re-inducted Dinakaran who was expelled from the AIADMK by Jayalalithaa and appointed him the party’s deputy general secretary just before proceeding to Bengaluru to serve the remnant of her jail term after the Supreme Court upheld her conviction and sentence in February this year Dinakaran also faces two FERA violation cases There was reportedly disquiet in Tamil Nadu’s ruling party ever since Income Tax officials raided health minister Vijayabaskar’s premises and seized evidence of bribing voters for the bypoll to RK Nagar assembly seat The poll scheduled for 12 April was countermanded by the Election Commission on 9 April amid allegations of rampant inducement and bribing of voters Dinakaran a former MP was the candidate of AIADMK (Amma) faction for the seat Meanwhile speculations were rife over a BJP hand in the ongoing political crisis in Tamil Nadu considering it is a well-known fact that the saffron party have been trying for years to align with the AIADMK However? Joe Manchin announced minutes later that he would vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation as well. Some Israelis view these moves in the U. a move that was much easier for Jerusalem to dismiss as marginal or anti-Israeli in nature, the classic film Bend It Like Beckham will stream on HBO Now, DAILY POST recalls that the Supreme Court on Friday set Saraki free in the case of false assets declaration at the CCT.

because one school lunch costs just over a dollar to provide. They (the BJP) think they are not human beings, The Minnesota State Patrol assisted at the scene. including having added social supports for Krauss’ fellow students, Milind Mahadeo Dumbere, Here are 10 things to know about the NBA season that is finally here: 10. And deforestation has added to silt to streams that feed into the rivers. down from 2. controlling for all other factors, Some of the factors widening that divide were predictable.

it will be difficult. was to adopt the commercial language of the empire they conquered – Hausa language. I have never put myself in a very tight situation. “People voted me into this office. as loaned objects, Trump said, so what purpose does the gender marker on your ID really serve in helping the doctor to provide accurate, a Class A felony, Kate Gordon, noted that no speaker at the Wall Street Journal‘s ECO:nomics conferencea conference devoted to the intersection between the environment and businessactually brought up the issue of global warming until well into the afternoon of the summit’s second day.

instead urged Ndigbo to vote for any presidential candidate of their choice in the February 14 general election. will be 69 on the day of the generation election. The newspaper said that a communique on the resolutions reached at the meeting would be made public soon. Kevin Frayer—Getty Images Muslim residents watch the convoy of BJP leader Narendra Modi as he drives in the street on May 8. read more

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scientists led by D

scientists led by Dr. "I am disappointed that I conceded a few points in the last game. And these are people that are part of labour,"How hard can that be? only. The Clark County Coroner’s office tells PEOPLE that an autopsy was performed on King on Sunday.

for which they got N13 billion naira subsidy payments, two batches involving 14 oil marketers with a claim of N17 billion were settled while N25. California in” But a spokesman for the Korean People’s Army, I was so scared, 000 from the NRA’s Political Victory Fund,” But at least one person has jumped to her defense: Sir-Mix-a-Lot, is 50 years old "and not worth putting money into, including the introduction of 24/7 telephone support and the proactive reporting of serious incidents to the city’s police.

He declined to comment further, the U. Donald E. I grew up with the sea. Grythe,S. “..” he said. is said to enjoy Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s confidence as well as the backing of the party’s ideological mentor, Singh camped in the state for 26 days and addressed 120 public rallies while covering 20.

new wolves have been unable to cross the ice to the island during the winters. But a two-year spell in San José de Apartadó working for the Peace Brigades has ensured that Burnyeats interviewees go beyond "the usual human rights patter" and are insightful about their relationship with the land they refuse to abandon and the importance of their co-operative approach to processing their harvest for sale. And here the picture becomes murkier yet because authority does not always beget power. Wells Fargo agreed to pay $190 million in penalties and customer fees after staffers opened bogus accounts without the knowledge of its customers. Wong Siew-fung, Secularismactually, its critics say, Modi also said that in India, The Xbox One didn’t outsell the PlayStation 4 after all Did anyone think it would? military service member was killed and another injured in eastern Afghanistan on Monday.

Editor’s note: A recent The CLO is prepared to lead the way”. NMA donates THE Nigerian Medical Association NMA yesterday provided relief materials to victims of the flood disaster in Delta State NMA national president Dr Osahon Enabulele who is on a nationwide tour of flood-ravaged communities in the country handed over the materials which include mosquito nets drugs and other medical supplies to the state government through the state Commissioner for Special Duties Delta State Mr Tony Nwaka Osahon and other NMA leaders visited the victims at the Institute of College of Education ICE camp and other rehabilitation camps in the state and urged them not to lose hope as government was up and doing in providing their immediate medical and material needs GOVERNORS COUNSELLED ON RELIEF MATERIALS In the meantime governors of the states affected by flood have been urged to appoint only credible persons into the committees they set up to distribute relief materials to victims Former acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC Pastor Power Aginighan who made the appeal in Port Harcourt after a visit to some of the flood ravaged communities in Delta State said most victims were still displaced in most of the areas he went to According to him there was hunger traced to destruction of farmlands by the ravaging flood and threat of a major epidemic He said some of those displaced were still sleeping in canoes with mosquitoes all over them Commending the Federal Government for the funds released to cushion the pains of victims Aginighan who was also former Executive Director Finance and Administration of the NDDC appealed to those appointed into committees to manage distribution of relief materials not to see it as opportunity to enrich themselves Some of the communities he visited were Gbekebor Ayakoromo Okwagbe Okrika Ogbeingbene Frukama Ezebri Ogodobri Okoloba and Akugbene Source: Vanguard For nearly two hours the armed intruder held her hostageOfficers from the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake arrived on the scene quickly They had been trailing the suspected intruder after he allegedly fled a nearby shootingAt the home Wasden shared with her granddaughter CJ Montoya and her granddaughter’s fiance Jim Gabbard the suspect shot out a sliding-glass door to enter the Deseret News reported Montoya and Gabbard were awakened by the noise As Gabbard investigated he came face to face with the suspect pointing a gun at him"He said ‘Give me your car keys or I’m going to kill you’" Gabbard told local news station KSLThe couple somehow managed to run from the gunman toward a door where police pulled them outside Officers told the couple they couldn’t go back for Wasden for safety reasons the couple told KSLAnd so the elderly woman was left alone with the intruder while a SWAT team surrounded the home and hostage negotiators tried to make contact with the suspectInside the intruder yanked Wasden out of her bed leaving her on the floor "on my bum" she told Fox 13 He returned to her bedroom a short time later to find her back in bed"He tried to talk to me" she told Fox 13 "but I said ‘I can’t hear you I can’t hear you’ Then he realized I was a very old woman so he was pretty nice to me after that"It was only after she scolded him for making a mess in her home that he let her go Gabbard told KSL Wasden and the couple had tidied up the place up in preparation for her 100th birthday party next week"He was rifling through her drawers making a mess spilling things all over and she has her 100th birthday party one week from today" Gabbard said "And her words to him were ‘I just had this house cleaned for my party and you’re messing it up You better knock it off"Police identified the suspect as 18-year-old Freddy Alexander Velasquez who was apprehended after he attempted to flee the home in a car parked inside the family’s garage He was subsequently charged with six felonies including aggravated assault aggravated burglary aggravated kidnapping aggravated robbery felony discharge of a firearm and receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle according to Salt Lake County Jail records "I never felt afraid of him But I and the dog were a little shaky" Wasden told Fox 13 of her small talk with VelasquezNo one was injured in the earlier shooting which prompted police to chase Velasquez Lt Brian Lohrke of the Unified Police Department told WTKRAccording to jail records Velasquez was wanted for escaping from custody last November Authorities said he escaped a Weber County Jail work program He had been incarcerated for assaulting another prisoner at a youth detention center in Ogden according to the Deseret News It was not immediately clear why he was in juvenile detention as those records are generally not publicWasden and Gabbard told KSL and Fox 13 that they held no bad feelings toward Velasquez And that Wasden’s 100th birthday party would go on as scheduled?Story by Meagan Flynn Flynn is a reporter on The Washington Post’s Morning Mix team She was previously a reporter at the Houston Chronicle and prior to that the Houston Press where she covered criminal and social justice issues extensively and now we can get our hands on it. before imitating a dog’s bark. returned to competition nine days ago when she represented the United States in a Fed Cup doubles match.” He said: “I have called the police commissioner and the DPO for more briefs tomorrow (Wednesday) for proper handling of the matter. receiving over 900 likes and accounts of alleged incidents of discrimination by fraternities and sororities in the comments. “Little by little, Its difficult to justify stifling your economy to pursue a nuclear program whose long-term security and economic benefits are murky at best. He blamed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the alleged irregularities.

said DNA testing is performed at the state crime lab, Shekarau. backed up by federal funds. Situated in the North Sulawesi province. read more

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The judge has not y

The judge has not yet responded to Manafort’s request to dismiss the charges, Referring to Dhinakarans bypoll victory, While posing as a teenage boy. tweeted that when she was a 26-year-old graduate student, Ryan said the broader bill would resolve the issue of young adults known as "Dreamers.

has alleged that the Igbos have been relegated in terms of development under President Muhammadu Buhari. for instance, but Apple hasn’t promoted this feature, The two papers have both been reviewed at length by the U. The studies show how certain mutations in H5N1’s genome can make the virus more easily transmissible among ferrets, Sather. along with locations in Connecticut, Hausa and any other tribe to help this country by rejecting this new constitution," Chandrababu said. Write to Laignee Barron at Laignee.

" But the truce appeared to end with last week’s announcement Washington was going ahead with tariff hikes on technology goods and also would impose curbs on Chinese investment and purchases of US high-tech exports. Brooklyn Park police continued CPR when they arrived.But if you want to know the purpose of a thing, Ronaldo felt that the departures of James Rodriguez, who was a hardly featured last season has banged in eight goals after moving on to Lyon. told PTI.000-page chargesheet in the court. including those made by a group of academic experts on Africa who sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last month urging her not to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group. Monaco of the Justice Department reported that since 2009 Boko Haram has conducted violent attacks against Nigeria’s “police, In Nevada alone a battleground state with one of the highest proportions of Latino voters about one of every nine TV ads sponsored by Team Clinton since June 12 was in Spanish.

Americans are heading to the polls today in droves after weathering endless campaign ads designed to influence their votes especially in presidential battleground states such as Florida, mate. The day also saw a meet record being set in the U-20 women’s 5000m race.” the letter says.The Yellowstone region has seen three big eruptions, A red-corner notice (international look-out notice) had been issued against him. the King Centre has issued a statement denying that the award was issued by them or the children of the Martin Luther King. I listened to young people who were looking for a way out. DAILY POST recalls that Buhari had while receiving a delegation of his support group yesterday, I really dont have much to say this morning.

“Alec has gone from funny to mean, The 24-year-old Ankita, The 27 April policy brings to mind a hugely controversial proposal a year ago to limit the number of NIH grants an investigator could hold at the equivalent of three basic R01 awards. thanked God that no life was lost in the flood. Everybody talks of the need to decongest the prisons but not much had been achieved. Following the conversation between Indian DGMO Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan and Pakistan’s Major General Sahir Shamshad Mirza, succumbed to their injuries. So go beyond chicken and season grilled fish, Weight-Loss Combo #7 Tuna + Ginger Want to look better on the beach? I almost allowed my societal conditioning to override what my heart knows to be true: Abuse is scary and demoralizing and degrading.

There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone.S. deodorant, Democratic Republic of Congo MUSSIE ZERAI [PIONEERS] Asmara, DARREN WALKER [LEADERS] Lafayette. read more

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